About Me

My name is Rose.

I post pictures of my pit stains and my butt.

I run. I lift weights.

Sometimes I bike.

Occasionally I swim.

Once in a blue moon I cook something worth mentioning.

Twice a year I drink.

My blog title is a ill-played pun on my last name, which leads everyone to mispronounce it. Excellent planning on my part.

I started running 3.5 years ago, using the C25k programs. The first time I ran a 5k I was convinced I would never, ever be able to run further. The same feeling presented itself during my first 10k, my first half, and my first marathon. I have also completed one ultramarathon (poorly, but still awesome!) and three triathlons.

I like to exercise. I curse. I have a full time job. I make typos. I am not the fastest runner or the smartest runner or the funniest runner or the prettiest runner.

I love mud runs and forcing other people to exercise and my cat. I kind of like my dog. He's an asshole. I mean, the cat is an asshole, too, but she's a CAT. Cats are awesome. Dogs smell and eat their own poop.

My fantasies include a century bike ride, another shot at an ultramarathon, a sub-20 5k (not even close on that one!), and a blanket made out of live kittens.