Monday, December 9, 2013

Routine Is Good.

Since last we met I killed another DL session, plus two supplemental weight lifting sessions.  I re-entered the world of People Who Squat (ish), and I discovered that 1.4 miles of uninterrupted running is enough to leave me unhappy physically, but very happy mentally that running is not a steady aspect on my calendar.  I also played football in the rain.  My anti-social cat has realized that being in close proximity to me is better than being outside, so I've had the pleasure of her company.  Oh, and I discovered that my gym is closed on Sundays.  Whoops.

I'm still super in love with lifting.  My trainer asked what I wanted to do after we finish this cycle of Coan Phillipi.  "Up it 30lbs and start another" was the obvious reply.

Anyway, life is good.  Routine.


  1. You're killing it with the weights!

  2. Sure, why not? Why stop at 30 lbs? You're going for a 170 deadlift now right? 210 would be better.