Monday, February 18, 2013

Curls For The Girls

Last night I took a curling less.


Like the Canadians?

Yeah, that curling.

So, what the fuck is curling?

It's sort of like bowling, bocce, and extreme lunging.  On ice.

So you have a 42lb "rock".  Your goal is to get as many "rocks" as you can closer to the center of a bullseye ("house") than the other team's "rocks" on the other side of the ice.  You send the "rock" out across the ice by doing a weird lunge/slide thing, and releasing right before you start decreasing yours speed.  Your teammates do the ridiculous sweeping thing in front of your "rock" to reduce friction, so it can travel further.

Every part of curling looks ridiculous, but it was so much fun.  Sure, it was a little cold, and I saw way more buttcrack than I bargained for. But the sweeping part warms you up, which was nice.

The rink where I took the lesson is less than 20 minutes from my house, and they have a league starting up next week, which I'm seriously considering joining.  It was just a really fun time, and very different from what I'm used to.

So, yeah, that's what curling is like.

In other news, Saturday night I went to an art gallery party (technically a birthday party, but it was at an art gallery, so whatever).

My friend Andrew said that before he moved to L.A. he assumes all L.A. parties were art gallery parties.  They should be.  It was fun, and there's always an easy topic of conversation with strangers (not that I talked to anyone I didn't know, but I could have, if I were, you know, an extrovert or something):  the art!  "I feel the emotion behind this painting is very reminiscent of Degas, but the brush stokes speak more to Gauguin."  Boom.

What else?  My cat turned a corner about a month ago and decided she would, on occasion, let us pet her.  It's fucking awesome.

Thursday's training session was filled with cleans and deadlifts and all the things that make weightlifting the best.

Still doing little runs with the dog.  My hair ties don't always cooperate.


What's the weirdest sport you've tried?

I've been thinking about taking parkour lesson, but the odds of me injuring myself are pretty high.  Plus, I don't want to do it alone, and no one wants to go with me.  I also want to take a velodrome lesson, since there's one near my house, and I should take advantage of that.


  1. Strangely, flipping through the channels this weekend I settled on watching curling, and it was hypnotically compelling. Should have given this a shot back when we lived in MN. Looks like something that would get increasingly amusing with each additional beer.

  2. Love your dress in the gallery photo--where did ya get it, how much, etc.? I want it (promise I won't show up in the same place as you wearing it, hehe)!

    1. It's a thrift store find with no tag. Sorry!

    2. Eh thanks anyhow. You look beautiful in it and I love the blue shoes you chose for it.

  3. Curling sounds like a fucking blast, and I've always wanted to try it. Good call! I bet it was tons of fun.

    That's a fantastic dress for the party too. really flattering.