Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yes, My Garage Is A Mess.

If you do the math, like I did earlier today, you'll realize that means 13 fucking 400m sprints at faster than 5k pace.  Which, what the fuck.

I made an executive decision.  I wanted to run the intervals at 10mph.  That meant (I realized, after interval four) that I'd have to walk the recovery.  The important part about any track workout is the fast part, right?  (I don't actually know please don't ever take running advice from me I have no idea what I'm doing.

A huge, HUGE thanks to Hannah, who tolerated me emailing her whining and wishing for death after ever single interval.  She is an excellent cheerleader.

2 miles @ 6mph warm up

5 miles/13 intervals of:

400m @ 10mph (one interval @9.8mph)
200m @ recovery (starting at 6mph but quickly becoming 3mph)

1 mile @ 6mph cool down

How I felt when I was done:

But that quickly felt like this:

(aka recovered enough to pose for silly/stupid pictures)

The run kicked my ass.  It challenged my lungs and my legs, which was nice.

I also worked out this morning:

100m banded side lunges
5 "around the clock" lunge to shoulder press (forward, side, reverse lunge on each side)

10 goblet squats
10 (per side) bowler/ice skaters with shoulder press
60 seconds jump rope

Yeah, we were more busy complaining about being awake than working out.  It was one of those days.


So, I guess half marathon training is going well.  My half is on January 12th. I also sort of won entry to a half marathon on the 13 from Monica.  Um.  Yeah.

My plan is to focus on the 12th, and rock it.  It probably won't be the goal time I was dreaming about before I quit running, but it should be okay for only training for a month.  So, bust ass on half #1, and just enjoy half #2.  I told a friend that today and he kind of just shook his head and warned me against it.

But, I like doing stupid things, so we'll see.


  1. Damn, I love 400's for exactly the reasons shown in your dramatic treadmill pictures.

  2. I'm thinking you're going to kick major ass in your half.

    And your post is why I never do the math*. Who needs the stress...just tell me when I'm done.

    *or wouldn't do the math if I actually followed a plan and/or trained.

  3. You know, I was watching the season finale of Dexter whilst you were running, so it wasn't really hard to just tune you out and say "hey, way to go" or "you got this!"

    I'm kidding.

    Well, no. But you did awesome.

  4. Your warm up and cool down mph are the same as my max during a treadmill work out lol. I'm such a slow poke. that sounds really hard...you rock.

    Love the pic at the end. Awesome!

  5. So when you were passed out there was the treadmill still running? Cause that would of prolly hurt as all hell...especially the boobs I would assume, being as I am a dude I wouldn't know maybe boobs are into that sort of thing...shit I digress

  6. Ed's comment is dumb. The running treadmill would hurt the face a LOT more. Especially since you have a shirt and bra covering the boobs and nothing covering the face.

  7. I love getting the TM up to 10. it's hurts like hell and I was trying to be able to hold a mile there, but never actually got there. Fuck 13 quarters at 10. fuck all of that indeed.

  8. Yes the garage is a mess! Oh yeah, nice running............