Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tastes Like Burning

1 mile @ dog pace

2.26 miles -- 17:58

1:30 @ 9.7mph

Another run!  I KNOW RIGHT?!

But, Rose.  2.26 miles?  18 minutes?  What the bucket?

So, two things:

1.  I was running with Sky;
2.  I wanted to see if I could hold a 7 minute mile for 3 miles.

In an effort to attempt 2, I lost 1.  He dropped out a mile or so in.  I noticed at some point after that, and looped back home to find him.  My goal was, clearly, not happening anyway.

It was a bit of a pipe dream.  There's a 5k on Saturday where a 22 minute 5k would put me as #1 lady finisher.  Which, sweet baby Jesus would be awesome.

But, my lungs aren't quite ready for that yet.  At some point it will be easy, but not today.  Not this week.

So, yeah.  Go slow you guys said. No stress you guys said.  And I tried out both this evening.

But, hey, failure felt fine.  I head a healthy lung burn.  I pushed myself.  And, you know, it wasn't a pathetically short run if you add in the dog mile.  I don't have to drive 60 miles on Saturday.  I don't have to stress out about a race for 6 weeks.  Sure, it would be nice to win a race, but I'll find one with a weak enough field for me to dominate.  Some day.  This Saturday just isn't that day.

In other news, Sky sweat a cat face:

In other other news, there is no other news.

Good night, and good luck.


  1. "I'll find one with a weak enough field for me to dominate. Some day." I like your approach. Too bad for me a "weak enough field" would have to be one in which I'm the only runner.

  2. The real news here is, my cat is going crazy trying to find and lose and find and lose and find a ponytail holder. The excitement is truly overwhelming. Oh, wait, is this your blog? That's still pretty fast. You'll get there if you want. Do you know how many small 5k's there probably are in your area? I'd imagine several a weekend. You can totally win one when you are ready. Or not. Seriously, don't stress. (But don't keep calm and...either, that saying is way overdone.)

  3. Glad to hear there was no other news...that is always of importance, cause if there was than it wouldnt be good news I am sure

  4. there's got to be something going on out there. 22 minutes will win you a 5k? Here the male winner needs to be in the 14:xx range to pull a win most of the time. I did see somebody turn in a 16:01 and still win once. Even the ladies have to be in 16:xx or 17:xx shape to win. How is LA not as competitive? You stoners keep slacking off.

  5. OMG that totally IS a cat face. LOL. Maybe you don't get #1 this weekend, but I bet you are way up there!