Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rose Ran? Whoa.

Oh, hey, I ran last night.

With purpose.

I signed up to run a half marathon with a friend in six weeks.  So, I kind of need to train I guess.

1 mile warm up @ dog pace

4.34 miles -- 38:17  (9:04, 9:09, 9:13, 8:10, 7:49)

1 minute on the treadmill @ 9.6mph

Yes, that run was all over the place.  But it felt awesome.

1.  Warming up with the dog was nice, because my focus was not "oh my god this is what it feels like to run again fucking shoot me now!"  It usually takes me about a mile to get in to my runs, so that helped.

2.  I was hesitant to track my actual run because I didn't want to feel bad about my pace.  Plus, I have this fantasy where I space out during a run and accidentally run 6 miles in 40 minutes or something.  When I know my pace and distance, that can't happen (because that's the only thing preventing that from happening, right?).  Anyway, if I'm going to actually, you know, sort of train for this half, I should track what I'm doing and crap.  So I did.  And I felt bad, mentally.  Ish.  Because after taking, what, 5 months off from actually running, I should still be in the shape I was in before, right?  Totally reasonable.  I'm pretty sure I've typed this all out before from previous post-quitting runs.  My pace was fine, etc, etc.  And physically I felt great.  Well, great and awful.  A few familiar aches.  Very aware of my knees and hips.  And the run wasn't killing me.  I was going at what felt like a maintainable pace.  The last mile and change I was pushing myself, and it felt amazing.

3.  One minute on the treadmill Rose are you fucking high?  No.  But I do want to place in my age group in some shitty small town race some day.  And I should probably get an official sub-20 time instead of clinging to some shitty treadmill reading.  So, hey, if I run at sub-20k pace a few times a week, and just increase the time by a tiny bit each time, I'll be back there eventually, right?  We'll see.  I'm not going to focus on that goal, just chip away at it in this half assed manner.

You guys.  I was looking at my old half marathon training plan, from back when I had stars in my eyes.

7:51 pace to hit that goal.


On one hand, it's ridiculous to think that in six weeks I can be where I was before, when I had like a year's base or whatever.

On the other hand, that's not *that* fast, right?

I guess I should probably get some pace miles in before I start judging myself.

So, I took my old 14 week training plan and cut off 8 weeks, so it's a gloriously abbreviated 6 weeks.  Lots of 800s and crap.  We'll see how just jumping in goes.

Typing this out makes me slightly more likely to stick with this and not half assed/skytheory another race.

It felt so good to run.  And it felt SO GOOD post run.

Cling to that.  Bottle that.  Maybe this time I'll stick with it.  Maybe this time I won't let the couch win.


  1. Don't stress yourself out. "it felt SO GOOD post run." Bottle that feeling. Forget the rest.

  2. I'm in that same mode right now. I've been in injury running mode because my puss knee can't hack 26 miles at regular pace but anything from 5K to half marathon is fair game. Time to zip up my wo-man suit and put the pedal to the medal.

  3. You can hang. You know a 6 week plan is fine. get those 800's in!

  4. uh-oh, she's back! Don't burn out, that's all. Push it hard, but don't pressure yourself to make EVERY run hard, or it will suck. If you can run one mile at a 7:49 pace your first date back, you can aim for a 7:51 pace half marathon. Get that age group award!!!

  5. Okay, lady usually I love your posts but it is super frustrating for you to do literally no running in weeks, then knock out between 9 min and 7.50 min miles...

    Dont let the couch win, because when you give up running youre wasting what is quite obviously a whole wad of natural talent.

  6. So yeah, I think I need to pull my head out of my ass and write about running more and then maybe I can be like you and actually, oh, run faster than 18 minute mile pace. I may be exaggerating, but as I recall we had a 29 minute mile once upon a time in September 2011, so you know, whatever. I suck. You're awesome. Go Rose!