Wednesday, December 12, 2012



Ran last night.  3.1 dog miles, even though the dog gets shitty after about 2 miles, and I get shitty for running him further than that.  I'm not killing him, though.  As soon as we get home he races around the house burning off all the energy he refused to use outside.

One of my neighbors has a holiday photobooth in front of his house, so Sky and I and a super blurry Cooper took advantage of it.  Apparently a 5k isn't enough to make Sky sweat kittens or demonic horses anymore.  I guess I'll have to work him harder.

One we were home I threw down 2 whole minutes @ 5k pace (9.6 or something) on the treadmill.  I'm a tenth of the way back to where I want to be!  Upside:  Unlike last week, I do not want to slit my wrists and bleed out during the final few seconds.  In fact, I could probably run a bit longer!  Who knew!  WHO KNEW!  Sorry.  Um, anyway, that's neat.  The issue is totally still my lungs, who lost everything in the lazywar, and now have to rebuilt, breath by breath.  What the fuck am I talking about?



So, after a few comments about your weird meat choices, I decided to post a little more about the meat party.

Ignore the check boxes; I ate every single thing on that list (except Sky's junk.  His wife is the only one who should check that box dude gross why am I typing this?).  The bison and beef were clear winners, based on how they were cooked.  The biggest loser was pickled pig ear because of the hair and the texture and the smell and every single thing about it.

In the History Of Rose I have also eaten:

-Squirrel (fresh, home skinned)
-Rattlesnake (fresh, home skinned)
-Deer (fresh, home skinned)
-Abalone (fresh, home shucked and beaten inside a pant leg to tenderize)

Growing up rural had its perks/downsides.

What is the weirdest meat you've ever eaten?  What were the circumstances?  I am bolding this so you know it's a question, because that's how the internet works, right?


Have you bought the Virtual Run Coach app yet?


  1. Yup, that's how the internet works!

    I've had snails. I've actually had them twice--once, overcooked and very chewy. The other time, done just right and really quite delicious.

  2. I grew up in Louisiana, so I've had alligator. I've had gumbo with deer in it. Oh and I ate fried squirrel a few times in college. My country roommate would bring it home from hunting trips, still with buckshot in the meat. Good stuff, but chewy.

  3. What a great idea...a carnivores dream...

  4. Alligator tail meat is pretty popular around here. I like it a lot. You can also find mountain oysters plenty of places, you'll have to urbandictionary that one. I've never indulged, but they are usually served deep fried.

  5. I've had alligator, which is probably the weirdest thing I've eaten of my own free will (you could totally Fear Factor me with the offerings in your most basic grocery story). As a kid, we had rabbit and probably pheasant...but only when forced and as little as I could get away with.

  6. beaver. I used to work with a bunch of hunters. There was always great sausage around. twss.

    Really. A guy brought in sausage and I thought it was from a deer. I asked what part of the deer is this and he said beaver. snort. They said the look on my face was priceless. It was beaver and not deer.

  7. Ok, when it comes to meat, I'm really picky. And I don't consider myself to be a picky eater. Hell, maybe I am. You lost me at hair on the pig ear. I think I can still feel the dry heaves coming on. My husband is from Mexico and they'll eat just about anything. Third world living makes you eat just about anything. Last year for Christmas they had some kind of brain soup. I asked him what kind of fucked up joke that was. Everyone was all merry with their head floaters. Me, I just wanted to pour the pot out in the yard. I mean, whatever happened to just fixing some fucking ribs?

  8. Chitlins, that what we ate for the holidays growing up! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  9. I was once offered Ground Hog Chili, but turned it down.....gross. The most exotic thing I've eaten is deer, which is yeah, not that exotic. I live a sheltered life and I like it.

    Your neighbors have a photo booth - say what??? That's awesome!

  10. I guess the weirdest I have eaten is frog legs. I don't venture out of my comfort zone much or its because I don't know where to get interesting meats!

  11. Your neighbor just has a holiday photo booth sitting in front of his/her house? Where do you live?! I'd hate to be the person who brought chicken to that party.

  12. I decided to do you a huge favor and PIN your post under "holidays". I think you should consider making this an annual event. I've been to a lot of "Meat Day" parties in my time (oddly this is true) but never eaten a lot of those meats. And I'll eat the "chef's special pho" at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant and there's all kinds of weird shit in that!