Tuesday, November 20, 2012


This is how my dog sleeps.  (He scratched his cornea disagreeing with a neighborhood cat, hence the cone-of-shame)

It's an abbreviated week (aka a wk), so I only had one workout session to forget to blog about.

12 chest presses
12 (per side) high to low wood choppers

10 shoulder presses
12 squat and overhand rows

12 tricep extensions
something else I'm sure.  Shit, this happened mere hours ago.  WHAT THE FUCK.


There were three women in there doing...half of a routine from a video on an ipad, and half stuff they were making up.  It was...okay, I don't want to be a bag of dicks here, but whatever.

It really frustrates me to see people half assing it in the gym.  There's an excellent chance they don't know any better (and I'm not a good person to educate), but it worries me that they'll, from lack of a good whatever, not see the results they want, and give up on exercise.  Like "I worked out 5 days a week for months and nothing changed so exercise doesn't work for me."  On the other hand, at least they're doing something?  I don't know.  It makes me...sad.  But it's not my job to be like "hey, ladies, if you worked a little bit harder you'd see awesomer results, yo."  Maybe they're just there to socialize?  Maybe they're all in physical rehab and this is the hardest they work?  I shouldn't judge.  But man, it's so common.  Yes, they're doing something, but just enough where it would be so easy to quit from lack of results.


It rained Saturday, which caused most of my football friends to bail, which meant it was a rainy game of catch.  But I still managed to get mud all over myself.

It's a gift.

What else?  I'll be in Napa on Thanksgiving.  I'm dragging my mom to a casual Turkey Trot Thursday morning.

Speaking of moms, my mother-in-law is a nurse near the Gaza.  Here is a really awesome write up about her, and the conflict.  (That links goes to a public Facebook image and description, just to warn you)

So, yeah, mildly political.  Feel free to go apeshit in the comments if you want.  Alternatively, tell me how much pie you plan on eating this week.  Because that's what I'm thinking about.  Pie.


  1. Sad fact: When I opened this, my first thought was "What happened to her asshole dog?"

    Apparently that's your dog's name, according to me.

  2. NAPA!!! There all week? I will be Thursday and Sunday. I'm 80/20 on that (free!) 5k because the man wants to stay in Oakland that morning to play football. My sisters will be there, and it was organized by BrokeRunner if you happen to know of her blog...

    Gym wimps: I regularly see some people running and hiking their butts off on the treadmill, with both hands hanging onto the front for dear life. I will never, ever understand why someone would trick themselves into thinking they are working hard (by pumping up the speed) but then hang on and let the machine do all the work.

    At the same times, I run like a beast and my body hasn't budged in years, so I'm in their camp: exercise doesn't work (for the goal of changing your body).

  3. Oh man it so bugs me when people are just "hanging" out at the gym, no sweat, just chilling doing everything halfass. I mean damn get out of my way, cause I'm here to sweat!

  4. That's why I have a trainer--otherwise I would suck at the gym too because I can't do proper workouts on my own.

    I love pie. I'm making three tomorrow because I love pie so much. Now I want to make another pie. 4 pies. Or maybe more. I mean, I'm having 10 people--is three pies and one cake enough dessert??

  5. NAPA is my dream place to visit. Have a blast, and piss on the lazy ass's at the gym just standing around, haha!

  6. Our thanksgiving dinner will contain 6 people and 4 pies. And sangria, my mother in law has explicitly asked to get snookered in the afternoon on wine & fruit.

    One of Kelley's aunts is in the West Bank right now, close to Gaza. Good luck to your MIL, it's some scary stuff over there.

  7. Speaking for myself, who has given up sugar (along with alcohol, reefer and caffeine) it's amnesty time in the sugar department, so the answer to your question is vast, unlimited quantities of pumpkin pie with an almond crust-gluten-free, of course-but not sugar-free.