Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's National Post A Stupid Picture Of Your Ugly Face Day

I assume something like this is the last thing I will see before I die.  Mostly, I see a mirror and my face contorts in the most heinous and unflattering ways possible, and I am compelled not only to document via camera, but put in online because I am love attention.

Due to my trainer's other job (lame) I had to move around my workout schedule this week.  So, I hit the gym with him Tuesday night, and this morning.


1 min rope slams
20 sec transition
1 min step ups with two 20lb weights
20 sec transition
1 min push ups
20 sec transition
1 min treadmill (@ 8mph, 8.5mph, 9mph, 9.5mph, 10mph)
20 sec transition

(no rest between sets other than the transition time)

12 chest flies
12 (per side) split squats (weighted)


12 (per side) overhead to side lunges with a giant weighted tube (Cannot explain this well enough)
12 (per side) one legged row to stretched out half assed yoga pose thing (I have a way with words)

12 supine lat pulldowns
12 supine tricep extentions
12 squat curl and press

We did far fewer things this morning because I spent most of the time trying to convince my trainer than a grasshopper is an animal ("an insect isn't an animal" was his argument), trying to figure out what color Galactus's helmet is (I said red, he said purple, the internet seemed confused), whether you can OD on vitamins (internet says yes), and whether anyone thought Professor X was the coolest X-Men character.

Which is why I don't usually work out in the mornings.

In other news, I now have a bullhorn in my car, so I'm about to get even more annoying than usual.  Alternatively, it will get lost in my car, along with all the trash and filth that I accumulate, and will never be seen again.

How the fuck is Thanksgiving in 8 days?  Whoa.  It was like la la la summer la la la BUY A FUCKING TURKEY MOTHERFUCKER.

Technically, my mom buys the turkey, since we drive up to Napa to celebrate with her, but still.  Dude.

Things I like about Thanksgiving:

-losing at board games to my family
-crispy turkey skin

Things I dislike about Thanksgiving:

-spending 10 hours on a drive that normally takes 6 at most

That's it.  Fucking rad holiday, right?  Right.  RIGHT.  right.  Left.


  1. Shoot didnt know it was a holiday or I wouldnt of came into work today! hehe

  2. It was like that, summer than holy shit Turkey day is next week. That royally pissed me off as I was grocery shopping last week and I don't even have to do a big meal for a big group of people!

  3. I can't decide if I love you or your rubber chicken purse more. Decisions, decisions..

    1. You can buy the rubber chicken purse for $22 on Amazon.

      I cost at least twice that.

  4. Thank you. I have now done my patriotic duty by supporting the economy.

    1. I'm torn on the coin purse. I know there's a matching on ($20, though, really?), but I feel like an egg coin purse would make more sense.

    2. Yes, but which came first .. the chicken or the egg? I did my duty and supported the Chinese economy too by buying the chicken coin purse. I couldn't find an egg purse either.

  5. Dude, I also posted a stupid picture of my ugly face today. Go us.

  6. Ditto. Or multiple. Because I make lots of stupid faces in pictures. I'm glad it's a national holiday.

  7. I freaking LOVE Thanksgiving!

    Did the bullhorn come out for Thanksgiving? Seeing that makes me think I should bring one to Christmas. It might come in handy.