Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Workout, Pimp, and Brag

Yesterday's workout was solid.  Sky showed up 20 minutes in to it and half-assed most of it (minus the chest presses, which he can easily do better than I can, but, hey, that's life.).  His late arrival meant he didn't sweat any signs of the apocalypse into his shirt, unfortunately  so I'm still not sure when the end of days it coming.  As far as I can tell from my Facebook feed, though, it's in about two week.

The Workout:

Warm ups (jogging high knees, butt kicks, grapevines, etc)

30 seconds rope slams
20 kb swings (20kg)

10 hanging knee to elbow raises (did some foot to bar raises, too)
10 kb clean and presses

10 chest presses (80lb for most sets.  One set of only 2 reps @100lb, fuck yeah)

60 second planks

I am fashionable to the extreme, as always.  More than words.

In other news, I'm going to pimp, then brag, okay?


When I was a kid I would occasionally stay up to watch Letterman.  I thought he was funny because he looked like Alfred E. Newman.  I have a vague recollection of seeing a cartoon of a camel skiing down a hill from one of his shows.

Fast forward to college.  My school had a diversification requirement instead of general ed requirements.  They've since tightened down, but I managed to skate through college without having to learn another language or math.  I think I'm the loser in this equation, but back to the story.  I started school as an English major, because reading is awesome you guys.  I picked an intro philosophy class to fulfill my "liberal studies" diversification requirement.  I chose my professor based on a friend of mine raving about the guy.

The first week of class I came to the realization that I was going to fail.  Every class started with a quiz.  Each day someone would be required to take notes and email the out to everyone else.  Daunting as shit you guys.

So, I had a plan.  I crafted an excellent argument for why the professor should let me take the class pass/fail instead of for a letter grade.  I'd still fulfill my requirement, but it wouldn't ruin my GPA, as long as I could eek by with a "C."

I went to his office hours and laid out my plan.  In my recollection of the events, he laughed at me, but that might not be entirely accurate.  What he did, though, is tell me that the argument I gave him was good enough that he knew I would do well in the class, so he would not allow me to take it pass/fail.  Fuck.  Instead he offered to, after ever class, go through my notes with me to make sure I understood what was going on.

I reluctantly agreed.

I spent the semester taking the most thorough notes I could.  One of my greatest fears was going in to his office and having him realize I learned nothing.  I armed myself with all the knowledge I could.  I did the readings.  I studied.  I busted my ass in that class.  Of course I got an A.  It would have been near impossible not to, at that point.

But I got more than an A.  I got a love for the subject, and a friendship with an amazing, amazing professor.

So, I signed up for every class of his I could.  I decided to double major (later I would drop the English major entirely, but that's not relevant to this story).  Back to the camel.

I was in college before every video of everything ever recorded was on youtube.  Once my amazing professor became my amazing philosophy adviser, I learned that every year, at the end of the year, he showed his advisees a video of when he was on Letterman as part of a "The Strong Man, The Fat Man, and The Genius" segment.

This sparked something deep inside my brain.  "Was there something about...a camel skiing?" I asked one day when it came up.  Holy shit.  That was him.

Anyway.  He was (and continues to be amazing).  We still email each other, etc, etc.

So, step one, the pimping:  He just published a novel. Super cool.  I read an early draft of the first chapter, and it was pretty good, so if you're looking for a book to read, give it a shot.


We were emailing this morning about his novel, and he wrote me the following:
you are BY FAR the greatest user of Facebook and Twitter of anyone I know. Pretty much every single person EXCEPT for you I methodically end up deleting, hiding their messages, unsubscribing -- but your posts are consistently either hilarious, provocative, insightful, and all around awesome.  
 Um.  Wow.

I don't have the words.


  1. Haha such a great story! And he's right. You should write a book. You're awesome.

  2. Agreed...write a book and self publish, would be fun and you already have a reader base...but please no more vampires!

  3. That's awesome! You have THE FACEBOOK GIFT! But really, I do always enjoy reading your stuff :D

  4. That's awesome. I think all of my facebook friends have blocked me and all my twitter followers are robots. You're the opposite!

  5. Nice!!!! That's a cool story. Almost Kevin Baconish with that 6 degrees of separation with the camel and then the professor. I had a professor in college that I had a crush on. I took a shit ton of literature classes and I was always crushing on how he knew all the answers to the "complex questions". Now it just seems like I was retarded at 18. HA!

  6. be my facebook friend please. I'm too inactive on facebook to be annoying.