Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Winklevoss Twins Got Nothing On Me

I think my wink is getting better.  Right?


60 second rope slams
60 second burpee clean and presses with medicine ball
2 laps around the building

My arms hurt while running the lap.  Yeah, I don't know either.  I let Sky beat me on the first three rounds because I didn't care, but I smoked him on the final round because I'm an asshole

x2 @ 50%
x1 @ 80%
x2 @ 100%

x5 @ 100%

Well, okay, we're using the term 100%, but I'm pretty sure until my life is on the line, I will never run 100%.  100% means I am going as hard as physically possible and my legs would drop dead as soon as I stopped, leaving me in a puddle on the ground wondering how the fuck my legs fell off and died.  So it wasn't 100%. 

But, my "starting line" stance is getting better.

But, my hips were angry as shit that I was doing sprints.  The same anger that flared up post-football.  I don't know if this means I need to sprint them into submission or what. 

Then we did some stupid, awful core workout.  And it was decided that personal trainers are people you pay to be assholes.

My brother's sweat test.  What do YOU see?

And then I went home and watched the debates.  Yes, both candidates are lying sociopaths, but I'm pretty sure that's the kind of person we NEED running our country.  How else could you mentally survive?  So it comes down to which lying sociopath is going to push for the things important to me?  This happens every four years.  I don't know why people freak out about it every time.  Figure out where you stand on key issues, and which issues are the ones you deem as "key."  Do your research on which candidate votes and lobbies for those issues (regardless of what their campaign promises are).  Consider throwing your hat in that ring.

More importantly, look at your local propositions.  THAT shit is where your vote matters.  Those are the things that are decided with smaller margins, and could directly change how you live.  And don't go based on the creepy scare tactics both sides use in their commercials.  Read the wording of the props.  Do your research.  Informed decisions.

And if you don't know, vote "no."

Alternatively, ignore the shit out of what I just said, because if you're reading a dipshit running blog hoping for political commentary you have issues.


  1. Hmmm I see two clouds embracing after a storm on a I crazy>?

  2. awesome. I honestly don't know how anyone can be undecided this far into the election. Baffles me. And you are right local voting is very important.

  3. I think your winking is getting worse, are you practicing??????

  4. I see a couple kissing on a dark background. Clearly I need to get laid.
    Also, so true about the 100% sprints. No one does 100%. And no one does it twice.

  5. I see a bleeding uterus, but that could just be because Halloween is coming up. (confused? I'm going to be a tampon for Halloween haha)