Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Socks, Ducks, Mud, and Ass



While we were doing my warm up exercises in the parking lot (jogging with high knees, grapevines, etc), I turned to my trainer.  "I want to bench press today," I said.  "Slow, hard stuff."  Then we both giggled.

He said he'd been planning on giving my legs a break anyway.

So I benched.

I miss being in a gym-space with barbells and normal dumbbells.  My bench has been neglected, and there had been some backsliding.  I wasn't going for a 1RM or anything, but maxing out at 80lb (two 40lbers) still didn't feel very good.  I used to be better.  Etc.

I guess that's what happens when you try to focus on everything.  Nothing improves.

We did other stuff, too.  Arms.  Chest.  Back.  Slow and hard.  Satisfying.  If I'd written it down right away I'd remember the details.  Instead you get this:


Saturday was football day.  I look forward to it all week.  It was also a bit rainy, so the end result was kind of dirty.

Much fun was had.  I only really fell once.  I slipped enough that I know I need to go buy cleats.  Half the people playing regularly wear cleats.  I plan on sticking around for a while.


I was up early, as usual.  I was puttering around online.  My hips were tight and achy from football.  And I decided to run.


It was a good run.  But not because it felt good.  My hips did loosen up a bit, but they did hurt.  My knee hurt.  My shoulder hurt.  Physically, it was kind of a shitty run.  But I wanted to be out there.  And I caved to my physical needs to cut the run short instead of puttering around more.  Mentally, things were good.

Progress.  I also had a minor lightbulb moment.  I want to work on my short bursts of speed.  I enjoy the football thing more than I've enjoyed working out in a long while.  I want to get better at it.  Which means working on sprints.  For a purpose beyond vague things like time goals and "getting faster."  Maybe that will be the motivation that lights up my heart in this seemingly never ending stretch of darkness.


For the past month, Monday night has been Movie Club night.  Three friends and I gather and watch movies we want to force on each other.  Thus far we've had:  Batman/Beetlejuice, Harvey/Duck Soup, Hudson Hawk/Mad Dog Time.  Last night we watched 15 minutes from a cult film (not like "this movie gained a cult following when it was released on DVD" but like "a cult decided to make a movie about their religion and pretend like it had a plot"), two Batman cartoons, and A Night in Casablanca.  Solid stuff.  Minus the cult film, which we've decided to dole out in 15 minute increments over the next month so we don't get brainwashed or shoot ourselves.


Since last we met, the socks I've worn:

Looking Forward:

Saturday is my annual Halloween party.  This would be number....7?  8?  My roommates threw one my first year in Los Angeles, and at some point my husband and I took over, so it's hard to know when to start counting.  But they're kind of a big deal now.  One year we had people from three different states fly in just for the party.  This year we're back down to one person flying in from another state, but it's still pretty awesome.

Our living room is dressed up like dungeon, my Halloween ducks are on display, and we have a detailed plan throughout the week of what needs to get done to keep us sane and pull everything off.  Tonight I have cleaning to do, and an exhaustive grocery list to write.  Plus, I have to bloody up a lampshade.  And put the finishing touches on my costume.

I love Halloween.  LOVE.


  1. I love your sock poses. So leggy.

  2. With a post title like that, I had to read. Good luck with the Halloween party. We hosted on last year, that I think will be the first and last annual. Good time, but a ton of work. I prefer to mooch food and beers off someone else and retreat to my (mostly) clean home.