Friday, October 26, 2012

"Do you want to do something weird?"

My friend Kristy designed the following shirt, which I need to order, because I would wear the face off of it.

I, too, designed a shirt (we were playing around on Custom Ink, but didn't order anything yet because we're lazy and cheap.  This isn't a sponsored post, because you can make hilarious custom shirts anywhere.  I'm just mentioning the site because that's where we were.  But if they get any hits and are like "we should give her a free shirt," this is the one I would totally order.  Except you have to order 6+ of the black shirts, and I really don't think I need six of these.).

The Workout:

Warm ups (same ole same ole salami)

Sprints (holy shit these bother my right hip/butt cheek/lower back.  My trainer says stretching and sprinting will help, not ruin my life, so, okay, I'll deal with it)

10 (per side) high to low wood choppers
10 clean and press

I stole this from somewhere online because it's hilarious.  That's not me.  In case you were wondering.
"Do you want to do something weird?"

It's always a good sign when my trainer asks me that.

12 push ups

Okay, zombie drags.  Push up position, with hands on dumbbells.  Move one dumbbell forward as far as you can.  Drag feet (on your toes) forward.  Move over dumbbell forward as far as you can.  Drag feet again.  Hmmmmm.  It's difficult to explain, and difficult to do, and I assume hilarious to watch.

I feel like we did something else, but probably we filled in the extra time talking about how awesome my Halloween party is going to be, and making fun of the teenage boys who were using the giant gym mirrors to groom themselves.

I'm getting better at doing a track start for sprints (fingers on the ground and whatever).  It's finally feeling less awkward.  I still have to pretend like I'm the cop from Terminator 2 to hit maximum speed when sprinting.  Otherwise I forget to breathe.

I don't know how to end this post, so here is my homeboy, Jean-Claude.



  1. Yes is always the answer to that question. I would totally wear both of those shirts too, because they are fantastic. Even if I do get lots of strange looks here in the bible belt whenever I wear a shirt with fuck on it. Doesn't stop me though. However, the post reads "Do you want to do something weird? Look at my fucking muscles" which is kind of quirky but eye catching. And for the record, there's nothing weird about looking at my muscles. I do it regularly.

  2. haha...hilarious last picture there! :) those are some awesome shirts u guys made! funny coincidence, i've been doing some shirt designing myself over at my sit too. and i'm ALWAYS up for doing something weird. :)

  3. Ahh that last pic makes me think of one of my favorite pick up lines: Jean-Claude Van Damme you fine girl! 80% of the time it works 100% of the time!