Monday, July 16, 2012

Time Plus Effort Equals _____________.

Week in Review:

Biked:  27.2 miles
Ran:  27.36
Total hours of exercise:  7:40

I need more biking.  I'm on the right track with my running.  And those hours don't count the assloads of stretching I've been doing.  I'm also only counting my time at the track as 10 minutes, because that's how much time I spent running.  So, my total time devoted to being fucking awesome was (well, 24 hours a day, amirite?) over 8 hours.  Which seems like a great amount of time, but also not enough?  I guess this is where things get dangerous.  I don't want to turn in to one of those people who lives and breathes exercise.  I already have this stupid blog here, so I'm more than halfway there.  But there's a fine line between enjoying doing something a lot and getting obsessed.  To be fair, I'm likely far too lazy in general, and not athletic enough specifically to get properly obsessed with running.  Maybe if I were cranking out four minute miles in high school, but then I'd have a right to be.  As it stands I'm just some 30 year old whose legs go a little bit faster than she thought, and I'd like to see where they're willing to take me.



Rest day.  It was awesome.  I only felt a little bit guilty for not running.


Hello kitchen.


10.58 miles @ 8:41 min/miles

It was awesome.  I was up early Saturday morning, so I took advantage of it not being too hot (though it was hot as balls by the time I was done.).  I had planned on having Saturday be my shorter run, but once I got past the first mile I was loving being out there, and already doing the math on which roads to turn on so I could get over ten miles instead.  It was just what I needed.


Visors make everyone look like a douche bag.  Except me.  They look awesome on me.


8.27 @ 8:14 min/miles

For some reason I got a bug up my ass to do this run in the middle of the day.  It was slightly less humid, so I didn't totally feel like stabbing myself in the face every time I stepped outside.  Apparently this translated in my head to "hey, moron, go running."

Well, it paid off.  The run was lovely.  I planned on only doing 6 miles, but then I decided to explore the local community college and see how their new track was progressing.  It won't be open to the public until fall of next year, which sucks, but it was a fun detour and I enjoy the whole run.  It was one of those "every mile feels easier wait holy shit every mile was faster than the last, too??" runs.


Which makes me wonder.  How many runs a week should be mentally hard?  Not all of them, I'm sure.  That seems like the easiest way to burn the fuck out.  But none is obviously too few.  Anything in between seems like something I should do research on.  For all I know, half my runs should be mentally hard.  Or maybe that would be enough to burn out my run loving motor.  It's probably one of those "it's different for everyone" answers, which isn't really an answer.

I guess I should start re-integrating pace/tempo runs in before these fall half marathons eat me alive.  I can feel myself getting faster.  My long runs were never comfortably in the 8s before.  But I'm not pushing myself when it comes down to the pace I want.  And all the track work and long runs isn't going to tell me how that's going to feel on race day.  I need to experience it on a semi-regular basis.

I'm still working on finding the right balance between running and biking and my schedule.  Hopefully this week will go as well as the second half of last week.

I have a date with the track with my trainer today, which will check off one of my short days, plus a mentally hard day.  That means I'll likely have to tuck a longer run in on the same day as weights.  And I haven't mapped out where to shove biking.  It's always going to be the first thing I drop.  These duathlons are fun, but I have a goal.


Saturday night we went out for Korean BBQ.


Hot damn do I love meat.


I forgot to do any prep for eating well this week.  I prefer to bring food to work and never have to leave my desk.  I'm lazy.  Going out to get something to eat takes time and effort and crap.  Ug. 


That seemed like a stupid way to end a post.  I probably should have ended with the talk about effort and crap, so you guys could chime in with how many times a week you put in a mentally tough workout, so I can feel shitty or awesome, depending on how I plan to measure up.


  1. As for how you're *supposed* to feel? IDK. I had two solid bad weeks of running, where every run was a total slog. I kept waiting for the next one to feel good, and it never happened. And then magically one day it turned and I had a great week solid. I think you can regulate how far/fast you go, but it's damned hard to regulate how you *feel* about it.

  2. Two awesome runs. That rocks.

  3. It's funny cause I always feel somewhat guilty on my rest days like I should do something even though I know that I need rest days...why is that?!

  4. HEY! Do not call the blog stupid, you'll hurt its feelings. Sheesh.


    Korean BBQ looks like a BLAST!!