Monday, July 2, 2012

This Post Is Entirely Recrap


Biked:  50.69 Miles
Ran:   25.80 Miles


Month of June:

Bike: 236.85 Miles
Ran: 92.95 Miles



This is why I normally blog about shit right after it happens.  What the fuck do I do with my trainer on Thursday?  I know we did some chest press stuff.  Ummmm.  I'm pretty sure he busted out the ropes?  I know we talked a lot about my running, and he gave me a very basic plan for the next 14 weeks.  We're building up mileage, and that is all.  Thankfully it works almost perfectly with the half marathon training I already sketched out.  We'll see if I can maintain my bike schedule and weights with the running and not kill myself.

After the training session I did a quick 10 miles on my bike trainer.



I biked to work.  I biked home.  I set up my bike trainer and biked some more.  Bike bike bike.  And, you guys?  It's getting easier.  And I'm getting faster.  And dealing with inclines and wind and shit better.  More time on the bike = better times on the bike.  Shocking, right?



6.2 miles in the morning.  I got a late start because mornings suck balls, so it was hot.  The run felt terrible the whole time even though my pace wasn't awful.  I did not enjoy this run.



8.6 awesome fucking miles.

I knew I needed to get 8 miles in yesterday if I wanted to stay on target.  We had a pipe burst late Saturday night, so Sunday morning we still had the water turned off.  No water = no shower, and while I may be disgusting in many other ways, it was too hot and I sweat too much for me to run 8 miles and forgo a shower.  So morning running was out.

As soon as it started cooling down Sky came over to hang out.  He was not in the mood to run, and his company is too good to skip for anything, so we watched 5 or so hours of Fear Factor.  I laughed until my stomach hurt.

Sky finally left around 9pm.  I realized I never at dinner, but I couldn't push the run off any longer, so I nutted up and headed out.  Apparently I need to do more late night empty stomach runs, because it was awesome.  It was everything I want in a run.  The air felt cool.  I did not trip on uneven sidewalk and eat shit.  I felt fucking awesome.  The first 6.2 miles were faster than my previous 10k PR.  My legs love a training plan, apparently.

Very satisfying.


This type of blog entry is bad, and I should feel bad.

My old training plan says: 8 x 400m @ 1:40
My new training plan says:  5.6 - 8 miles

Totally compatible. 


The 4th being on a Wednesday totally fucks up my week.  As an employee it's kind of great, but as an employer it sucks mega-balls.

I was going to try to run a 4th of July race in my creepy flag suit with my EMTs, but they're off in Utah putting out fires or something.  Why do states keep burning down?  Not cool.  Forest fires are scary as shit.  I understand that ecologically they serve a purpose, and it's near impossible to do the kind of brush clearance needed to avoid them on a large national park scale.  But, yeah.


  1. Way to get your sweat on. Looks like you also got some laundry done Sunday too!

  2. I love the work "recrap." Sometimes those late night runs are so awesome. Something about running in the dark is just fun, too.

  3. Bike volume is where it's at, no doubt. Enjoy the new speed! I certainly am.