Thursday, July 12, 2012

There's No Crying In Speed Work

There's no crying in speed work, but yesterday I came close.

My trainer met me at the track.  It was hot.  I still haven't had a good night's sleep.  My legs have been hurting.

A recipe for success, right!

8 x 400

73, 80, 77, 80, 82, 83, 83, 83

Which would have been awesome numbers, if not for the numbers I was putting up a week ago.  But, compared to last week, I was dragging.

After at least half of the laps I felt like crying and quitting.  I almost cried 100m in to one of the laps.  I don't know what my problem was.  It was just hard.  I was having a shit time catching my breath.  My breathing was shallow and ragged and almost painful coming off of each lap.  Everything was awful.

I don't know.  Running hard is hard. 


I did manage to eat well for the day.  I figured I'd document it because that's what people, do, right?  They put pictures of food on the internet?

Walnuts, strawberries, and coffee.

Water and more coffee.

Three chicken thighs, some tri tip, and steamed sweet potatoes.

Tomatoes and cucumber.

Pork rinds.

Lemonade and more water.

Frozen berries and mango.  Turkey with kale and yellow squash and a ton of olive oil.

Oh, I had another thing of water, too.  Lacking a picture of that.

By the time you read this, most of the above will have magically turned to poop.

And that's why posting pictures of food on the internet is weird.



  1. Women cry any anything and everything. Also, food pics = poo pics with time travel. YES.

  2. Wow, those pork rinds look yummy! LMAO.............

  3. Just don't post the poop pics :)

    The intervals maybe weren't as speedy as last week's, but they still were good for you. That's what you gotta keep telling yourself. I salute you for gutting those out when you feel like hell. You are wicked strong!

  4. I think I need some pork rinds now. But the family always complains when I eat them because they are stinky! LOL

  5. Maybe if you pooped before track workouts, you'd be faster. I'm a problem solver.

  6. Haha, poop is magic.

    You are so speedy. I love it.

  7. I think you're supposed to use prettier plates when you take pictures of your food.

  8. Pork rinds. A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Because that's on every runner's meal plan. Plain plates, plastic containers, and poop.
    Get it done.

  9. My philosophy: Eat clean and train dirty. Looks like you have both under control. Nice work!