Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Resting on your laurels is as dangerous as resting when you are walking in the snow. You doze off and die in your sleep." -- Wittgenstein

Yesterday was a track day.

I was NOT looking forward to it.  As quitting time approached at work my stomach started tying up in knots.  What a terrible feeling.  I shouldn't dread running so much.  The last two track sessions have been so mentally hard.

But, my trainer was meeting me at the track, and my brother was joining us, so I had to go.

So I ran.

77, 76, 76, 79, 79, 79, 78, 78

Halfway through I convinced myself the track was not regulation distance.  It didn't feel like regulation distance.  It would explain why I was suddenly "faster."  But, my brother jogged a lap with his GPS on, and it was on the nose.  So, there's that.

 I could have gone faster.  I know that.  I was putting up my target numbers while phoning it in.  Well, okay, not phoning it in.  But I wasn't putting in the effort I was putting in last week.  It was way less hot this week, which is why my times were better.  I should have pushed harder, but I didn't want to.  Which is not a good sign.  But my numbers were still good.  Further proof that I rest on my laurels. Something to work on. 


  1. That's a great quote, and while you may feel like you're phoning it in, you're consistently doing the work.

  2. Tonight I have to run faster - on 5 or 6 hills. This post single-handedly inspired me to push harder and kick my own ass. Thanks! You're a pretty rad source of inspiration!