Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nut Up or Shut Up

I guess I'll stop being an asshole and update my blog.

I took a three day break this weekend.  I had a friend in town, I still haven't been sleeping well, and I was sore as fuck.  Everyone wins!

Shit I did instead:

Outside the Museum of Death in Hollywood.

Monkeying around at the Old Zoo.

Griffith Park Observatory.

I am a child.

But at least my socks were appropriate.

Ethiopian food.

Hiking in Griffith Park.

And then it was Monday.  I was still tired and sore, but I had 12 miles burning a hole in my pocket.  After work I suited up and headed out.  Thankfully, there was a break in the heat, so I wasn't sweating to death.  My guts didn't get the "it's cool" memo, so I spent the middle six miles gasping in pain, clutching my stomach, and slowing to a walk every 250m or so.  Sharp, awful stomach pain.  Stabby.  And then, against my better judgement, I took a chance on a fart.  Odds were in my favor.  I should have shit my pants, but instead it was just gas.  So, yeah.  Fucking awesome.  Still hurt, but I farted my way home, at which point the gas magically cleared up.  Bodies are stupid.  But I knocked out 12.4 miles. 

And then today, I dragged my cracker ass to the gym.


Stretches:  Inch worms, twisty lunges, single leg roman deadlifts

10 chest-to-floor push ups
10 (per side) weighted split leg squats

20 reverse lunges with shoulder presses at the bottom of the lunge
5 (per leg) weird things where I laid on my side and bent one leg and push pressure against my trainer's hand?  I don't know.  It sucks.

20 second per leg single leg planks
15 (per leg) toe touch crunches

It was a lot of stupid stretchy stuff.  I did my best to whine, but man, I've been a bucket full of bullshit when it comes to training for the last few months.  Downer City, yo.

I need to nut up and deal with it.


  1. Sometimes you've just got to kick yourself in the arse to get back in the zone. Hope you find your mojo.

    Always enjoy it when I can steal phrases from your blog to improve my phraseology. "Bucket full of bullshit" is definitely going into my regular rotation.

  2. You had a great weekend! How fun.

  3. That ethiopian platter looks like the perfect meal. Oh how I love ethiopian food....

    Your blog looks great! Guess I haven't left my reader in a while to comment, cause I'm just noticing now.

  4. I hate split leg squats. I'm bothered also by their similarity to lunges.

  5. I always climb tall things when wearing short skirts. Good call :)

  6. Ethiopian food is so crazy!

  7. So in Walt Disney World they have "Reflections of Earth". Every time they make the countdown announcement I have to talk over it and call it Reflections of Your Anus. This might be one reason we are friends!

    Will you take me to the Museum of Death????