Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Did Not Crap My Pants

Why yes, my sports bra is on inside out.

BOOM, shirtless picture.  Why the fuck not.

6.5 miles on the treadmill.

8 x 400m @ 1:40 (9mph)
400m rest between (7mph for the first 4, 6.5mph for the second 4)

Plus, duh, warm up and cool down.

And then I spent 20 minutes stretching out my hamstrings so my training wouldn't yell at me.

I've done faster 400s, but never this many.  The last ones were hard.  But I could have done more.  Or done them faster.  And I will, in the weeks to come.  Exciting shit.  I'm constantly excited and thrilled by what I'm doing. 

While I'm ramping up everything else, though, I need to ramp up my stretching and my diet.  I'm pushing my legs pretty hard, so I need to take the time to roll them out and stretch them out so I don't hurt myself and fuck everything up.  And I'm so used to being able to eat how I eat and not gain weight that I'm not really focused on how I need to fuel myself to do my best.  Because I'm trying now.  And diet is probably going to be part of that.  I'll probably run better if I don't do things like forget to eat dinner.  Or have nothing but pork rinds and beef jerky for lunch.  I have some reading up to do on nutrition, but mostly I just need to nut up and not be lazy.

I either sweat a lot or shat myself, and my pants *are* brown...


  1. LMAO, pork rinds and beef jerky???? I thought I was bad....

  2. Good Lord, look at that whiteness! ;)

  3. I forget dinner too. And eat crap. And forget to foamroll... We are like unhealthy badass running twins.

  4. My diet is awful. Used to be good, then I started training for a marathon and a half ironman and it all went to the crapper. Seriously gotta get it under control.

  5. Good thing you wore your brown pants!

  6. LOL I thought I was the only one who sometimes wore my sports bra on inside out.... I mean I think I have less-than-A's at this point so it's not like I need the support. haha.

  7. You never sweat ... obviously ... so clearly this was definitely a Shart gone waaaay wrong.