Saturday, March 3, 2012

4 Things

1. 60 minutes on the bike with ten 2min sprint, 2min recovery.

Email to my tri coach: 2 minute sprints are the devil. I hate you.

I was going to do my homework, but I was way too exhausted. And Lazy. So, before 7pm, I was curled up on the couch in my pajamas.

2. But then my husband came home with the suggestion of going to Red Robin.

The siren song of deep fried was strong enough to make me put on clothes again.

My husband was posing while I took the above picture. "You realize you're not IN the picture, right?" "Take my picture next!"

On the way home we bought a whole lemon meringue pie. Damn that shit is good.

3. I bought new running shoes. $40 on super clearance.

4. I'm on a Ragnar team, set to run in a few months. Reflective vests are mandatory for the night portions. Also, reflective vests are some of the most unflattering ugly things I've ever seen.

Well, usually.

I guess you just have to figure out how to wear it.

(Yes, I am ridiculous. I am aware of this.)


  1. Thank you for that pose. You are a reflective sun goddess.

  2. I love Red Robin! I wish they would bring back the fried zucchini!

  3. HA! Nice vest. I don't think I could pull it off like you do!

  4. If you run the Ragnar wearing that I will give you $5.

  5. What Hannah said. Ragnar Girl of the Year!

  6. Fried food and lemon meringue pie > well...anything.
    NICE use of the vest my dear!

  7. Ahahahaha yes, you have the best way of wearing things.

  8. I have mad love for these 4 things. I have never been to Red Robin but it looks damn delicious. Those shoes are a steal. You are the rogue of the race team, I love it!

  9. HA!!! Heather and I were just discussing her need to get her reflective vest for Ragnar ... I never even pictured it being worn this way!