Saturday, April 30, 2011

Work Out Friday

Yesterday, as I walked into the gym, I was greeted by one of the other trainers.

"Hey Socks!" he called to me as I walked past him toward the locker room door.

"Hi!" I said, and continued into the locker room. As the door closed behind me I heard his client ask "you call her that?"

I dropped my back in a locker, and headed back out. "Socks," he called out to me once I was out of the locker room, "how many pairs of sock like that do you own?" He waved toward today's socks, with paper airplanes all over them.

"Well, I've been wearing a different pair every day since the start of the year. It's over 100 now, and I still have a bunch to go."

"See!" he said to his client.

He's not the only one who calls me "Socks" at the gym, either. It's fun having a nick name.


Things my trainer and I talked about:

-South Park. I don't watch it. This makes him sad.
-Human Centipede. He watched it. I've only seen the 45 minute verbal recap via Tosh.
-Having a Tosh.0 watching party.
-Creepy clown movies.
-Trampolines make me have to poop.


15 hamstring curls
15 leg extensions

15 (per side) step ups with knee raises
15 (per side) angled lunges

And then we boxed.

We started out with the normal stuff, where he'd give me a set of movements, and I'd repeat them. Then things got crazy. He assigned a number to jabs and crosses for each arm, and would just call out numbers, sometimes slightly faster than my brain could process them. This led to a pretty good ab workout, too, since sometimes I would be laughing too hard from messing up to properly throw any more punches.

I love doing boxing stuff. It's fun and slightly silly (because I'M slightly silly), and it feels like an excellent workout.

I was wearing the right top for sweat marks, too. SCORE!


Today is a busy day. I need to clear out the guest room. My brother and SIL are moving in with us for a week before they leave the country (6 months of travel while working. Best vacation ever!). We're having lunch with one friend, and dinner with another (Happy birthday April!). Busy, busy day.

But, it's okay, since I fit in three runs and two training sessions this week. Guilt free weekend! Score!


What are your plans for today?

Do you have nicknames when you go places?

Friday, April 29, 2011

This Is What Happens

This is what happens when I stay out past my bed time on a school night.

I hope your Friday is more productive than mine.

She Runs LA Pink Carpet Event

Last night I left work early, put on heels, and headed to Downtown L.A. to attend the She Runs LA Pink Carpet Event.

We tried to get a blogger meet up going on before the event, but with traffic and everything, it didn't work out.

I did meet up with my friend Anne for a delicious dinner at the Yardhouse.

I'm sure you're all just as surprised as I am that I ordered something with bacon.

Anne ordered the same thing, only sans avocado, because she's allergic. I don't know how she can live in California and be allergic to avocado. You'd think they would have kicked her out by now.

Then we hopped next door to the event center, and picked up my fancy pants media badge.

We took a turn on the pink carpet. Kelley was kind enough to snap a picture for me.

In addition to Kelley I saw Amanda, Lea, and Kaitlin. I know there were other bloggers there, too, but I'm socially retarded and didn't really hang out with people. Large crowds and loud noises bring out the introversion in me.

I still had fun, scoring free samples (which I gave to Kelley, since I don't use shampoo).

Anne and I played photobomb.

I got my hair done! (There were places to get make up and nails done, too, but the lines were CRAZY!)

Fabulous, darling!

They were giving out free diet coke, which would have been heaven on a platter if I weren't already majorly cracked out on caffeine. I drank one anyway.

Oh! My brand new purse! So, it was originally carried by Target, as one of their special edition designer items. And I loved it, but I was mentally trying to justify they price when they sold out. For the past couple of months I've been thinking about it longingly. Finally, a few days ago, I decided it was worth the money, and hunted it down on ebay. It cost me $10 more than it did in stores, but, again, stupidity tax.

So, I'm not a purse person (purse-on?). I have two. One is awesome, and one is function. I knew I wanted to bring flip flops for the bus ride home (yay public transportation, as I HATE driving in the city), so I needed to be able to fit them in my purse. And neither purse was very big.

Enter the delivery fairy, who dropped my brand new purse on my doorstep yesterday. And, the only reason I decided to go home was because I left my cell phone at home. I'm barely functional sometimes. Yay delivery fairy!

The stage set up was pretty neat.

Plus, I got to sit with my fellow bloggers.


The MCs for the night were KIIS FM's Boy Toy Jesse Lozano and Karli from the Block. I, um, didn't know who either one was.

I also never watched America's Best Dance Crew, but these ladies apparently won it.

They did some pretty awesome flips around the stage, though. I was very impressed.

The warm up act was Nikki and Rich. I'd never heard of them, but the lead singer (I'm going to assume Nikki) was adorable, even if she was wearing a Target brand sports bra at a Nike sponsored event. Hey, I'm a Target girl myself, so I can't blame her.

Next up they brought out the running celebrities: Grace Padilla and Dawn Harper.

Dawn flexing. See, I'm not the only one. She also verified that Olympic medals are real. I'm not sure why someone asked that. hahaha.

Then it was Mike Posner time. They were having technical difficulties at the beginning of his set, so he threw shoes and socks into the audience. Yup. I don't know either.

Since we were too far back to get a free shoe (??), we entertained ourselves in other ways.

They were handing out goodie bags as we left. I scored nail polish, but traded it for lip gloss, since there's a higher chance I'll end up in lip gloss than nail polish. The bags are really sweet.

Then I took a train to a bus to my car to home.

It was loud and crowded and I was out way past my bedtime (I'm old you guys), but I still had a good time. The event had a lot going on for being in its first year, and I can only image it getting better. I'm excited to see the official pink carpet pictures. It was fun to get dolled up (as you can tell it just means heels, jeans, and wearing my hair down. I'm simple.).


I wish Nike would get a Nike+ app for the android phones. They're a faster growing market than the iPhone people these days, and my iPod broke due to boob sweat. I know. I know.


Today I have a make up training session with my trainer (since I skipped out on him last night).

What was the last band you saw in concert?

Do you have the overwhelming urge to flex for cameras, too?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I have 200 followers!!!

Holy crap when did that happen?

Anyway, as a "thank you" to you folks, email me your address and I'll send you a postcard.

Easy peasy.

Nike+ She Runs LA 10k Race Report

Just me, a tree, and my car.

It's my first time running in such short shorts (foreshadowing).

This is my "pretend to stretch so you look like a runner" pose.

So, this might be my first official non-mud-run 10k. I'm pretty sure it is. Which is neat. It's also the first time I've run the dirty dirty streets in a long time. I've been trail spoiled. Running on the sidewalk is rough you guys.

Plus, this happened, as I tried to put my phone away, literally STEPS into my run.

That is a totally broken spibelt. DAMN.

But, I needed to run with my phone, since my iPod is also totally broken, so I couldn't technically Nike+ this (even though I was wearing the right shoes). I already had a camera in one hand. So I shoved the phone+broken spibelt down my shirt.

My lovely lady lumps.

It didn't look so bad from certain angles.

My hair was also being a problem, so I squeezed one more loop into the hair tie and locked that shit UP, yo.

About every 5 minutes my Runkeeper app on my phone would tell me my pace and distance. Except, every five minutes I would freak out "MY BOOBS ARE TALKING TO ME." Then I'd remember.

Safe and sound.

It was a little bit hot, and the pavement was a little bit hard. I meant to check my pace on my phone last night, but I didn't, and I forgot it at home this morning. But I'm pretty sure I went out too fast and ruined everything. I mean, I still did fine, but I didn't feel awesome.

I did find a dollar on the ground, though.

Me: I found a dollar!
Husband: A whole dollar?
Me: [slapping it on the table with pride]
Husband: You're a hobo.
Me: I'm the hottest hobo you know.
Husband: You put the "hoe" in hobo.

My finish time was 1:03:59

Considering I hit stop lights pretty regularly, started out too fast, and kind of felt awful, this is pretty good. I had a moment halfway through where I thought "it's really sad when someone who ran an ultramarathon is being defeated by six lousy miles." Then I told myself to STFU and enjoy myself, so I did.

Anyway, Nike hooked me up with a sweet ass race shirt (The single best shirt I have ever been given from a race, ever.). It's so good it wicked away all my sweat.

Which kind of makes me want to run in cotton shirts again. j/k.

Post race:

Fake post race stretching (I never stretch):

Out of seven (7!!!!) attempts at a jumping picture, this is the only one where I got air.


I know that was silly and all, but I'd like to have a serious conversation with you about a topic near and dear to my heart.

Vacuumgina. The situation in which your vagina acts like a vacuum, sucking all non-tight fabric into it's black hole.

Every single time I try to run in cute, short, non-tight shorts, vacuumgina strikes.

Which forces me to take unflattering pictures of myself point out my chaffage.

Does anyone else have this problem? Stupid shorts.


Anyway, since it was my first real 10k, it was an instant PR! Sweet! Every day is Christmas!


Tonight I get to dress up all fancy pants and go to the Nike+ red carpet event. I'm very excited. You guys, I'm even going to put on high heels. Which is kind of a big deal.

*I'm* kind of a big deal.

I just wanted to type that.


I dumped out my purse today and found three headbands, and about 40 receipts. Yeah, I need to clean this out more often.


When was the last time you got fancy pants dressed up?

Whose taking a rest day today?


For those of you not on the rest day wagon, what's your exercise of choice today?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Speed Work Sucks Donkey Butt

Last night after work I joined my brother Sky in his apartment gym.

I hadn't done speed work since before the ultramarathon. And, with Camp Pendleton looming just over a month away, I knew I needed to get faster.

So, speed work.

Let me tell you, I haven't run on a treadmill in a long time. And my hat is off to all of you who do it on a regular basis. Just warming up on that puppy was killing me. Oh man. It was SO HARD. (that's what she said)

Anyway, this is how it went down:

Warm up: 10 minutes, starting at 3mph, working up to 6mph

60 seconds @ 11mph
a few minutes of 3mph while trying not to vomit
60 seconds @ 10mph
a few minutes at 3mph wheezing and complaining
45 seconds @ 11mph
a few minutes of 3mph while trying not to vomit
45 seconds @ 10mph
Cool down + ample complaining

Oh man.


I forgot how awful my chest could feel.

My legs? Totally cool. They LOVED sprinting at 11mph.

My lungs felt like I had swallowed scorpions and fire ants and needles.

Oh man.

Which tells me one major thing: I need to do this more often.

My legs are champions. They can go and go.

My lungs are stupid. They need to be worked harder and more frequently. (that's what she said)

You can tell that my smile doesn't reach my eyes.

I need to have a conversation with my treadmill at home, and convince it not to try to kill me, so I can do speed work at home. I'd do it on the streets, but I'm still scared of falling. I still have scars on my elbow from this.


So, my brother is getting rid of everything he owns and traveling the world. Which means, after we ran he tried to pawn some stuff off on me. I ended up taking a stack of Tin Tin books, a weird painted hat, and boxing gloves.

Ooooooh, boxing gloves.

I had a flash back to earlier in the week, when I had seen a punching bag at the thrift store. For $30.

So, boxing gloves in car, I headed over.

And score, it was still there. Boom-pow.

At 70lbs, I declined all offers of help to get it to the car. I threw it over my shoulder (okay, that part was a little slow and a little awkward, but I got it where it needed to be) and carried it out. The cashier made a "Million Dollar Baby" comment as I left. I think this means she wants to smother me in my sleep.

So, I have boxing gear. I'm going to con my brother into figuring out how to hang it before he leaves.


Mama's Gunna Knock You Out.


Have you ever scored cheap/free exercise equipment?

What kind of gear do you have to work out at home?

I have a treadmill, an 18lb kettle bell, two 10lb weighs, two 15lb weights, and an exercise ball. Not much, but I get my work out on at the gym most of the time. UNTIL NOW!