Thursday, November 17, 2011

[Insert Clever Pun Title Using "Sweat" and "Bike" Here]

That's what I look like when my mouth is closed. It doesn't happen often.

Anyway, I managed to not want to hurl too bad when I got home from work yesterday, so I hopped on the bike.

My bike computer is high, so I don't know how far or fast I went, but I got my sweat on.

That's what really matters, right?

I'm showing this next picture to:

1. Demonstrate my impecable photography skills
2. Marvel at how thin my arms are (isn't that what running blogs are about?)
3. Look at the sweat!

I don't know why I'm giving bitch face here.

I sweat an outline of the bike seat.

Up close and personal in the buttal area.

By the time I was done, I was literally dripping sweat off my face and arms.

I did some sprints, and that helped, but it always amazes me how much my whole body sweats from biking. I understand, that's how the body works. But it's still a pleasant surprise.

So many pictures in this post. So little content. Suck it.


My doctor appointment is this morning. Yay, I guess.



That's all I've got.


  1. Great arms! Those are some awesome guns!

    Good luck with the doc today!

  2. You probably sweat just as much from running, but you're not standing (er, sitting) in one place so the wind from your awesome speed takes it away. You sweat in the pool too...and so does everyone else. Think about THAT next time you train for a tri. Ick.

    And great arms, obv.

  3. I want your arms.
    I want to hear about your doctor appointment! Is it Lupus??
    Is your brother always sitting on your couch?
    I am sooo jealous of the sweat. I haven't sweat since Sunday - not by choice. I try to run, but I'm in the middle of another Meniere's attack and I can't even sit upright, so running would be insane. But I want to sweat! I can't sweat bike seats though. That's cool!

  4. My favorite part of this post is that you clearly take so many photos of your ass, that people don't even look up from their computers anymore. Is that hubby/bro on the couch behind you in the pics? He doesn't even care. Rose's ass? No biggie.

  5. I love that whoever that guys is (hubby? brother? friend?) is always on the couch in your post-workout pictures haha. He should start writing your exercise recaps for you since he apparently witnesses most/all of them.