Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Twenty Things Tuesday


19. Yesterday was a rest day, so I have nothing exercise-wise to report.

18. I did get my arm pits waxed.

17. But before I did, I had to wipe them down with a baby wipe, because I forgot to wear deodorant again.

16. I'm hairy and I smell. Thank god I tricked someone into marrying me, right?

15. I ate candy, cookies, and beef jerky for lunch yesterday.

14. But since I skipped coffee, my stomach managed it like a champ.

13. I'm slowly learning that drinking coffee makes my stomach fuck up.

12. Which sucks, because it's delicious.

11. Once it's fully established, I'll try integrating decaf. *sigh*

10. I leave for Arizona in THREE DAYS.


8. If I were gay I'd totally have a crush on Rachel Maddow.

7. I'm really nervous about my triathlon you guys. It's a new feeling with me, and I'm not sure what to do with it.

6. My fingernails are all the same length right now, and it is a pretty, reasonable length. This means that over the next 5 days, half of them will break off. Because that's how my fingers roll.

5. Fuck, I have to think of five more things?

4. I like salami.

3. I used to like dill pickles, but now I don't.

2. I don't like Pepsi.

1. Bob's your uncle.


BONUS! Sonja uploaded her pictures from when she came to LA:


Tell me something random.


  1. I hate dill pickles. And I'm afraid of fireman poles...not their poles, but the kind they slide down at the firehouse....oh man there is no good way to type that.

  2. My fingernails grow slower than a snail's pace. I haven't bitten them in four weeks and yet they're maybe 1mm longer. BULL. Doesn't provide very much encouragement for me not to bite them!

  3. You will do great on your Tri. I just filed my nails last night as half of them were broken I and I was looking pretty trashy.

  4. Dill pickles are still good, but you suck now.

  5. That bear thing's face is hilarious. My nails are the same damn way. Did it hurt reallllly bad to get your armpits waxed?

  6. Something random .... my BFF and I have this theory that a woman's feet/toenails are a direct correlation to the state of her ... her girly bits. So it always feels important to have fresh, clean toenails. Especially at the doctor's office.

    I wonder if I could talk to my doctor, now that he is retired, and see if there is any sort of data to back up our theory.

  7. How was the armpit waxing? Did it hurt??

  8. Dill pickles and nacho cheese Doritos are an awesome combo. Yum!

  9. Is that yahoo question for real? I always knew there would be a way around actually training for a marathon.

  10. The top picture is totally my mother. She drives me crazy with the constant complaining and no action!

    My nails are in the same state, except my left pinky nail is freakishly long. The Husband has started calling it my drug nail. It really needs to be trimmed.

    Randomness, I have three tattoos and although I am nearly 28, my dad doesn't know about any of them.

  11. Love that #20. I used to say I'd kill to be thin, but I wouldn't stop eating for it.

    I'm nervous before every single race. Think of it as a way to prolong your race experience. Plus, feeling nervous means you're pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, which is pretty cool.

    Something random. Our family Halloween costume theme for the big party is probably our lamest ever, but I signed on for it bc it's easy to make the costumes and should be cheap. I know I'll regret it at the party.

  12. I gag eating rollmops (like jellied eel I suppose) so I just don't go there!

    ps you will SO rock your tri, I know you will xx

  13. Ok, wait...you had your armpits waxed?? Does it work or are you full of sh*t?? I have to say, they conversation about meth and marathon was pretty damn funny.

  14. Salami is wonderful. And apparently, you can't find wonderful salami in upstate NY. Stupid!

  15. Why don;t you like dill pickles anymore??? Boo. I lovelove them.

  16. I dont know what you are doing to that bear but it looks excruciatingly painful :)