Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday Workout

What We Talked About:

1. Is it possible to fit your fist up your butt, all the way to your elbow (later confirmed to be possible by my sister in law. Well, I took her word for it).

2. Do balls get saggier after guys lose a bunch of weight (he says no).

3. If you built up your grip strength, could you squeeze a dick so hard it was permanently broken?

4. How Bosu balls and exercise balls were all the rage a few years ago, and now they're largely ignored.

(I don't know why I look terrified/about to kill someone)

The Workout:

Lots of stretching

10 kb swings
5 goblet squats
10 sec stiff arm hang
30 second rest
repeat as many times as possible for 10 minutes

Oh man, I hate those hangs. They make me want to vomit.

And then my back was twinging a little bit, so he made me do the single most ridiculous thing I've ever had to do in the gym. It involved standing a foot away from the mirror, facing away, and putting my arms down under my crotch, leaning over, and trying to touch the mirror. I looked like a retarded stripper who had to pee. People kept actually stopping and commenting on how ridiculous I looked. It was that bad.

12 hamstring curls
20 multi planer lunges (we only did this twice. My knee started twinging the second round, so we skipped it the third round)

12 Lat pulldowns

12 (per arm) weird old machine row thing

10 cobras w/2.5lb weights
60 sec plank

So, with my back twinging, I'm going to start doing my back stretches again.

My knee probably just misses running, so I'm going to cut rest week short and head out for a slow run today to see if that drops everything back into place. I've been itching to run anyway.


I have a 10k mud run on Saturday, and a 10k regular run on Sunday. One of those days I have to turn in an 11 mile run. I'll probably save it for Sunday, and break it up. 10k + 5 miles. And thus will begin marathon training.


Are you doing anything fun this weekend?


  1. Yeay for Mud Runs and marathon training!

  2. I was trying to picture your stretch but failing. I think we need a photo illustration, please. :)

    Woo hoo...marathon training! :)

    Fun? Ummm. I guess that depends on how the private half ironman I signed up for goes. Speaking of looking terrified/ready to kill someone.

  3. Bosu balls are still ALL the rage in my gym. Perhaps because I work out with a bunch of old farts? Yes, admirable old farts because they're whipping their butts into shape, but farts nonetheless.

  4. The only thing I took from this post (minus the ass shot) is that your sister in law sounds fun. And wise.

  5. I have a weekend to myself, so after I try to get my fist up my ass up to the elbow I will just veg out. Hang at my mom's a bit eating pizza and watching serial killer documentaries. And I'll run a lot since it is my last weekend before my first post-Jam half marathon. *sigh*

    #2 kind of grosses me out. I think guys don't grasp that we don't really care to see their balls all the time.

  6. I'm not sure how to take that last sentence: 'dun dun dunnnn' or is it in an 'oh I'm so cool this is normal for me, I'm going to rock the marathon distance' way?!!