Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Post Triathlon Tuesday Workout

What We Talked About:

How I did on my tri.

Gripping kettlebells like you're giving hand jobs.

When I first showed up, he asked if I had been eating lately. Apparently, my arms look too skinny. We narrowed it down to, likely, dehydration. That seems likely, considering how humid Arizona was, and how little water I was drinking there.

The Workout:

10 chest press (2 30lb dumbbells)
15 squat and rows
10 skull crushers
15 tricep extensions
60 second jog
60 second exercise bike

5 (per side) squat to straight press (kettlebell)
10 ball slams
10 curls
60 seconds jog
60 seconds exercise bike

It's distinctly possible I pulled an SUAR and shat myself.

This week is a rest week, minus quality time with my trainer, so today I get to go home and watch tv until my eyes explode and tool around online and eat myself silly. Yay.


  1. I believe you have a great day on tap. Have fun and enjoy your recovery!

  2. Well tonight sounds like a perfect night!

  3. absolutely enjoy your rest day. you earned it! and change those pants! lol

  4. Sounds nice...except the possible SUAR-ification.

  5. Sounds like the rest of your day is perfect. I've never used kettlebells but if this post is anything to go by I would be a pro. Just ask hubs.

  6. Oh enjoy it, especially the eating (and drinking...water..) yourself silly part!!!

  7. Ok, so how do you get a great picture of your butt? Can you swing your arm around that far??

  8. The classic sweaty butt shot...nice!

    I saw you picked my team name as one of your top 10! It's not winning, but still cool to see it made the list.

  9. Peeing your pants from that workout is definitely a badge of honor!