Sunday, September 18, 2011

Open Water Swim

So, it's one week until my triathlon.

(speaking of, any Phoenix area people want to meet up for a meal?)

Today I had an open water swim.

The original plan was to head up to Solvang for a viking festival, and hit the lake by Santa Barbara on the way home. But, life doesn't always go according to plan.

Last night the folks across the street threw a party. I can only assume it was a party for deaf ravers, based on the music volume and selection. We got them to turn down the music around 1:30am, which put a cramp on our "get up at the crack of dawn and drive north plans." Good thing I discovered a kick ass looking swimming lake last weekend.

It wasn't as long as it could have been, but I did a handful of laps back and forth to get in 20 minutes. I only thought I was going to get eaten by swamp monsters a few times. And apparently majorly fogged up goggles are not good when you're in open water. Stroke, stroke, stroke JESUS FUCK WHAT DID I JUST TOUCH. Oh, lily pads. Okay then.

The water was cold, but nice. Refreshing is the polite way to put it, I think. My husband sat on the bank and played on his phone, yelling out time at 5 minute increments when I lifted my head up to sight.

On the way back to the car I saw deer!

It was a good change of plans. I got to confirm local lake swimming (sort of across the street from my brother's house, too). I have many plans to return with brothers and picnic supplied in tow. Many boulders to climb, too.

Plus, it's pretty out there.


IN family news, the cat is slowly adjusting, but she only ventures out when we lock the dog in the back yard.

And the dog?


Small dog costumes are HILARIOUS. Oh, the torture that will be unleashed on this dog between now and Halloween.


Do you have access to river/lake swimming near you?

How do you feel about putting pets in costumes?


  1. GIRL! You are ROCKIN' that bikini! That dog.. lmao...

  2. I love the dog costume and how thrilled he looks to be wearing it. You are brave for swimming in that lake. I see lilly pads and start to think of all the creatures that could be lurking beneath.

  3. There's a private lake for swimming about 20 minutes from here, another about an hour away, and some rivers that would work about 1 1/2 hours away. And until I'm registered for a triathlon that makes me get into one of them, I'm not doing any OWS. :)

    I think putting dogs in costumes is silly, but that picture is freaking hilarious, and I've seen some super creative costumes for pets on the internet.

  4. Hahaha, have you heard of nyan cat?
    anyway, we want to dress up our cat like that for Halloween! :) We need to figure out how to attach a poptart to him. He's taken to sleeping outside lately, because he can't handle all the love we place upon him in the forms of hugs and baby-talk. I'm only a little scared to think that he might run away after Halloween :(

  5. Oh you are evil to your poor pooch dressing him up .... don't stop they are hysterical :-)

    Well done on the open water swim, I could't - too much of a chicken!

  6. Great job on the open water swim. I always get freaked out in open water. The illogical takes over and I just knew ole Nessie is out to get me!

  7. Holy shit, DEER! Holy shit, your DOG! Hahahahahaha! They don't make costumes large enough for my beast. Sighhhh.

  8. Dogs in costume are hilarious, especially when you can tell they're embarrassed about it.

    I live across the street from Lake Tahoe, which is great to swim in during the brief period (July - September) that it's actually warm enough. No creatures, no seaweed.

  9. Growing up pretty much all of my swimming was done in rivers and lakes. I have never been able to really do "real" swimming, but I always enjoy the frolicking around. Once a huge dead salmon was floating just under the surface of the river and crashed into my friend's leg. She freaked. I laughed my ass off.

    I used to put my Maltese in Cabbage Patch Kids clothes .... so I'm all for making our dogs look ridiculous! Lady even has her own "tourist" Halloween costume, made up of pet and human clothes. She was such a trooper in that thing!

  10. How do I feel about dogs in costume? Fantastic, and you don't have to wait until Halloween. I dress my dog up all the time. We don't have kids, so clearly I have time to do things like run, dress up my pets, and then blog about it.

  11. OMG that dog costume is super cute! My dog soooo doesn't like clothes or costumes. Good job on the swim, looks very peaceful!

  12. I was at Target yesterday and saw about 5 costumes I wanna strap on my dogs! Fo realz! They have to be ones they can't chew off though! Yours is pretty stinkin' cool! Dog torture Mooohahahaha! Love it.

    High five on the open water swim! I'm mortified but I need to do one!

  13. No swimming lakes near me, but that's a good thing cause I'm scared of dead people at the bottom grabbing me and pulling me under. Stupid scary movies, ugh!
    Your kitty is so so cute and love the dog costume.

  14. I've never swam in open water apart from the ocean but I wish it were warm enough here to find a nice lake to go for a swim.

    You look awesome in your bikini, really lean and healthy!