Saturday, May 28, 2011

TWO THINGS: DOg and Bike Advice

The husband and I went on a quick (maybe a mile?) bike ride today, the first time on a bike for both of us in a long while.

And let's just say that both of us need advice on how to make bike riding more enjoyable. Like, how to make the seat not hurt lady bits or man bits. How to worry less about falling over. How to adjust the seat for maximum comfort. And basic stuff, too. Advice, no matter how dumb. We are coming from zero here. (spoiler alert: I don't even know how to change the gears on my bike. But my bike is weird).

As a thanks in advance for all the excellent advice you are sure to give me, here is a picture of what happens when The Dog tries to lick my face:


  1. I'm such a sucker for puppy pictures!
    Call around for a local bike shop who will do a fitting for "cheap." Fittings aren't cheap at all, but they are so very, very worth it! Plus, they'll help you learn how to shift gears and might not laugh too hard when you ask. :) Get yourself some bike shorts, too. Yes, I know they make you look like you're wearing a diaper, but your lady parts will thank you.

  2. OH man, you gotta get a better bike or something. I just rode mine tonight (it's been a while) & I was in HEAVEN! Seriously...get a new bike. and uh...learn how to shift! ;)

  3. As far as getting where you aren't worried about crashing, going faster = more stability. Take your bikes somewhere like a paved bike path or a dead-end street, somewhere safe where you won't have much traffic, and practice til you feel more comfortable. One thing: don't look right in front of you and oversteer like you did when you first started driver's ed. Instead, look ahead of you and focus on where you're going. Your bike will follow. It's kind of a zen thing.

    It's counterintuitive, but a bigger, cushier bike seat isn't necessarily going to make you more comfortable. Part of it being more comfortable is just getting your butt used to being on a bike seat. Part of it is making sure that the seat supports your pelvic bones ("sit bones"). You can even be measured for the right size seat for you.

    I second the suggestion to go to a local bike shop. There are so many different types of shifters that it's hard to tell you what you need to do.

  4. I am still not sold on the padded shorts after 2 outings on the bike! LOL But riding sure is fun!

    Your new pup is super cute :)

  5. You know, I don't rally like dogs, but this picture is really cute!

    I'm not really an experienced rider, but I do find that going out more often helps with both the confidence and the saddle soreness. I ride very rarely at the moment, and when I do, I get muscle sore in all sorts of places. But when I was commuting 10 miles every day, I didn't notice any of that. So: more is more!

    As for the gears and so on, have you considered a 1-day bike course, or something like that. I've heard that they can do wonders for people's confidence and ability on a bike. Or you could go down to your local bike shop and have an overhaul and a fitting. They could make sure everything is working propely (stiff gears are difficult to work with, for example), and could also adjust seat and handlebars etc to make your setup more comfortable. If it's a real issue, you can also buy gel seats, or padded shorts etc too.

    HTH! :)

  6. I don't have any bike advice, but I will take whatever advice you are given. I'm slowly learning, emphasis on sloowww. I don't know how to shift gears appropriately yet either.

  7. I'm with Kate - keep'll get more and more used to it.
    Of course, a good fitting is nice...the right bike shorts are nice, etc...but I think the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

  8. I'm gonna be in your shoes very shortly! I bought this used bike about a month ago. All it needs is new tires and a new chain, and I still haven't gotten around to it. But when I DO get on it, it will be the first time my butt has seen an actual bicycle seat in a whooooooole bunch of years. Should be interesting.

  9. Those collars always kill me! So funny.

    sounds like you have, um, a little way to go with the bike! Hope you get it figured out.

  10. I agree you need a bike fit. And, try and find a place that rents bike seats. I found one that rented out seats for a week at a time and eventually settled on an Adamo (google it. It's a weird looking seat but it works for me). Regardless of what kind you try I found the ones with a cut out helped the pain factor a lot. I also find that no matter what if I spend 5 hours on a bike the lady bits are not happy.

  11. Your dog is so cute!
    I might get a new bike! I picked one out and everything - black with red cherries on it, a basket and a matching bell!

    I bet Biker Boy could talk your ear off about all this stuff. I know nothing about bicycles. They pretty much scare me.

  12. It isn't the cool thing to do, but I just bought a seat pad. They are a LOT cheaper than those padded diaper underwear.