Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three Things Thursday:

1. I went home for lunch to check on Cooper (the new doggie) and make sure he didn't poop all over the kitchen floor. Since he's not allowed outside on his own for two weeks (and his cone doesn't fit through the doggie door anyway), we baracaded him into the kitchen, so if he does make a mess, it's on the tile. He's all drugged up anyway, so I don't think he minds.

He was super stoked when I came home, though. I took him for a short walk, and he sniffed another dog. He is so mellow. And, we have never once heard him bark.


2. I pulled something in my shoulder while stretching this morning. I take this as a sign of getting old. I turn 30 in six months, which is 50 in Los Angeles years. So, clearly, my body is falling apart.

It's probably actually just fatigue. I slept poorly last night, because I could hear the dog breathing. I've talked about how messed up my sleep is before, but here is proof. The sound of a dog breathing on the other side of our bedroom can wake me up. Awesome, right?


3. I'm contemplating running this:

Even if I don't, you should. It's a $5 entry fee, a crapton of prizes, an excuse to run, and a great cause. DO IT!


Tell me three things you did today. Anything, doesn't even have to be exercise related.


  1. I conducted another toilet paper experiment at work. Again that bitch left an empty roll. Next up I'm leaving her a bare roll. No squares are all. We'll see what she does.

    I successfully applied KT tape to my knee area this morning. Third time's a charm.

    And I read blogs. Ssh. Our secret.

  2. You'll have to take pity on me in September. I'll be close to 33. I'm not sure what that is in LA years, but I'm thinking I pretty much will have one foot in the grave.

  3. oooOO - that virtual 5k looks awesome. Thanks for running for a good cause. Three things I did today, bike for 60 minutes, ate tostitos hint of lime chips with delish salsa, & watched dr. suess with my little man. boring day for me!

  4. in arizona 30 is like 20
    just sayin'

  5. I'm a special Ed teacher, so that autism cause is right up my alley.

    My three things:

    1. Celebrated the end of the school year by having a fun day with my students.

    2. Counted the hours til I'm on summer vacation.

    3. Headed to watch my son's volleyball team play in the regional championship. (wish them luck)

    I'm 38, and I'd have no pity for you, but I do live in the Midwest. Where yesterday we were huddled in our basement with tornado sirens, and today it's 58 I'm back to no pity. :)

  6. 1. I'm actually beginning to enjoy my Power Yoga class.

    2. Cottage cheese scooped onto crackers is pretty delicious.

    3. I'm 46. Pretty sure if I were in LA I'd be the oldest one there.

  7. 3 things....

    Taught spin
    Cried at work
    Called my mom

    F*cking ROUGH day. Hence no post.

  8. Drove 4 hours.

    Arrived at my parents' house.

    Ate lemon bars and watched BIG.

  9. 1. I had a slice of homemade beer bread with blueberry goat cheese for breakfast.

    2. At one point, I could have sworn it was almost time to leave work. I couldn't believe it when I noticed the time on my computer said it was only 2:36!

    3. I made my own version of these yummy yummy things!

  10. I protested at work by reading as many blogs as i could today rather then doing my work. Don't tell the boss please. -)
    I also took Milo of a walk past the same house I love to walk by and be nosy. The woman has the best gardens ever. She talked to me and even invited me to come dig up some bulbs this fall. Made a new friend in the neighborhood and she is like 50 years old but that is ok.

    Today has been 1 week of no racing and no knee pain. My ITB has been acting up.
    Number 4 sorry today is the first time I have commented but I have been secretly reading your blog for a while. You are rather funny. Thanks for keeping me company with coffee every am at work. LOL

  11. 1. I signed up for the Autism Virtual 5k this morning.

    2. I survived my mammogram.

    3. I took a picture of a deer walking down my suburban street. Poor guy, WTH was he doing in my neighborhood?

  12. I'm over 50 so I'd be what, 90 in LA years?

    I spent all morning screwing up my computer and then trying to fix it.

    I spent half the afternoon waiting for a prospective tenant to show up who didn't even bother to call to let me know he wasn't coming.

    I sort of ran 6 miles (took a lot of walk breaks) tonight in the merciless FL heat.

    Not a very productive day!

  13. I'm jealous of your bark-less dog. Also, my dog's heavy breathing some times keeps me up too. I thought I was alone in that :)

  14. Move to Colorado, 50 is like 48.

    $5 entry fee? What's that?? I think you should do it though, so very cool!

    Happy Weekend!

  15. Thanks so much for posting a link to my virtual 5k! I really appreciate it!

    Three things I did today- ran/walked a 5k with my 9 yr old. His first! Then we took the boys to see Kung Fu Panda 2. And I finished a book- The Wednesday Wars. Productive day, right? :)