Friday, May 13, 2011

Skinny Fat: Two Awesome Articles

Read the whole article at:

And now, here's an article about that article, and about crossfit in general:

My favorite part of the crossfit article is this:

Definitions and Misconceptions:

To begin, we need to address some misconceptions about how the body works…

  • You cannot “tone” a certain portion of your body. Your body will not lose fat in one spot at a time, it will only lose fat. Thus, you must reduce your overall body fat percentage to see results in the area you want. This is why the “ab-(insert attention-grabbing verb)” you see on TV won’t work to help you get a better midsection.
  • Lean – having little to no surplus fat - Thus, to look “lean”, you need to have low levels of body fat.
  • Toned – seeing muscle definition on a human body - Thus, to look “toned”, you need to have low levels of body fat combined with having enough muscular development that you can see the shape of the muscle under the skin. This is usually accomplished at below 20% body fat on women, and below 10% on men.
  • You will never “bulk up” overnight, except from maybe an ice cream and beer binge (guilty). You will never wake up one morning, look in the mirror, and realize that you just built bulky muscles in your sleep.


Note: I have never done crossfit (though I do have a Groupon for it). I just like the idea of women wanting to be stronger instead of skinnier.

Oh, man, this week on Biggest Loser, when they were playing the video game, and one of the purple sisters shat herself with joy that her avatar's thighs didn't touch?

This should not be what women strive for. It should not be a goal. If it happens, it happens, but genetics plays a huge part it in. And thighs touching does not equal fat or gross or unsexy.

I mean, look at this heifer. Wouldn't she be more attractive if she lost more weight, so you could see what's behind her through the gap in her thighs?

Thighs touching does not mean shit, really. You can have 12% BF and have your thighs still touch. It doesn't make you some whale, some lump of a thing that men will only love if you can create that magical gap.

The majority of men don't give a shit if your thighs touch. They'd rather touch your thighs.

/stepping off soapbox.


  1. "The majority of men don't give a shit if your thighs touch. They'd rather touch your thighs."

    This may be my favourite new mantra :) x

  2. I lvoe this post. WOrking in the fashion industry it's so hard to keep a normal perspective on things... especially being a figure competitor. Ugh!

  3. I love this post!!

    I'm the girl that would love to have Fiona Apple's body, but obviously genetics will never let that happen. Plus I don't really see myself being a good runner if I were that small. And crazy enough, this girl wants to be an awesome runner.

    This reminds of the time the hot football player touched my thigh ..... *sigh*

  4. Great article (couldn't read the second one at work) and great post about them!

  5. Just found your blog and I'm so glad I did. I love this post :)

  6. "The majority of men don't give a shit if your thighs touch. They'd rather touch your thighs."


    Seriously, when I was 95 pounds in high school running cross country, my thighs still touched. Probably to the same degree they touch now at 110 pounds. Some people have skinny thighs and a but are big elsewhere, small everywhere else but bulky thighs (yours truly). Whatever.

  7. I LOVE THIS POST. As you probably knew I would. Love love love love looooooove!

    Also: my thighs almost never have a gap between them because my hamstrings are so developed. But I think nice hamstrings are way sexier than a hole between my legs. (That's what she said??? Maybe?)

  8. Great post. I've watched a few crossfit vids on youtube and it looks totally bad ass, like real life Lara Croft type stuff but better ;-)

  9. Awesome post! And I love my thighs (that touch)! Sharing this article with my tween daughter who has already started with the whole "skinny" thing. Muscles rock!

  10. Your quote at the end rocks my world. Such a good post and a heathy attitude. I want to buff, please!!!

  11. We are so likeminded in terms of muscle on women, and I really enjoyed this post. tahn tu. (that's how my daughter says thank you.)

  12. I loved this little rant. This type of mind frame is what finally made fitness click for me. I have tried to start a workout program numerous times yet I would always quit because I was hitting the weight goals. This time I stuck with it. I haven't lost much but I gained a lot... of muscle and confidence that is.

    Muscles = Sexy. The End.

  13. that girl on the right, that's what i WANT to look like... i want to be strong and look like i could kick ass, in the "she's in great shape and just dominated that workout" kind of way.. love this post!

  14. Thank you!!! I love this post. Being skinny is not the same as being fit, and I'd rather have a little extra meat (muscle + fat) on me and be able to do the athletic things that I love!