Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Saturday, Lazy Saturday


Head over to her blog and wish her a HUGE happy birthday!!!!!!!


After the run with my trainer, the rest of my Saturday was pretty lazy.

I did kick around on the bike I won a few years ago.

The husband and I did a loop through the neighborhood. He's using my old bike (that was fixed up by the bike shop). We both suck at riding bikes, so it was pretty hilarious. I, for one, don't know how to change gears on the new bike. He doesn't know how to sit comfortably on a bike seat.

We have a lot to learn.

Hopefully, it will get more fun.

Then we took the dog for a walk.

Eight more days until he gets the cone off! Which means eight more days until I can go running with him. Right now we walk him twice a day, which is still good for us.

I started playing "the cat game" when we walk him, because there are so many outdoor cats in our neighborhood. The game is simple: count the number of cats you see.

This morning I beat our previous record, and saw 5 cats. Cooper failed to poop, though, which means I'll be coming home to a poop covered house, since instead of going home to walk him for lunch, I'll be going to the dentist to get my permanent crown put in. Oh joy.

I did get some quality cuddle time Saturday night.


Growing up did you have pets? Were any of them "yours"?

What is your next race?

I'm running the Camp Pendleton 10k mud run this Saturday. It's going to be AWESOME.


  1. I've never had a pet with a cone! I feel like I've missed out so far. I mean I'd want to toss things at the cone - like a carnival game.

    I've always had pets - dogs. Charly was MINE. She was such a cute, hairy mutt. Isabella Bijou was my Maltese, although my mom thinks that she was hers. Now I have my Lady and my Tinker Bell - Lady is the dog, Tinker is the cat. Mine mine mine!

    My next race is the Seattle Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon. I wanted to do a 5K this coming weekend and get a new PR, but I can't even go 2 miles right now, so I'm tossing that dream aside for a few months.

  2. Riding will be WAY more fun when you learn how to shift. And wear the bike shorts you got during the clothing swap. Riding in jeans = ouchies!

  3. Cones look so sad on dogs.

    I (might be) eyeing (distantly) a duathalon. If I liked swimming, I might consider a tri.... I'm lying, I'm considering a tri even though I barely know how to swim.

    5K saturday, cleared to RACE it! Camp Pendleton looks FUN!

  4. Your puppy is so cuuuuuuuuuute :) Looks like he's adjusting to the cone pretty well, lol!

  5. We had fish...and one cat...and a wild rabbit...and a flying squirrel :D

  6. Your seat is JUST A BIT too low, but no big deal.
    Also, your lady bits will ALWAYS hurt if you ride a bike in jeans.

  7. hhahaha his poor CONE. it makes me laugh EVERY time i look at it.

    also, THANK YOU for the happy birthday! i'm getting ready to go out for a quick lunch with luke.

    also again, MUD RUN! you are gonna have so much fun.

  8. we had tons of pets when I was younger....I had a bird and I always came home with the class pet at the end of the year. :)

  9. We always had pets when I was growing up but it wasn't until I had a place of my own that they were really mine. We have 3 kittis now and I just love them. My little babies. :)

  10. Go easy on the little guy when you start taking him running. He has to build up mileage just like you did.

    I grew up with pets. We always had a dog and a cat, sometimes a snake, and several hamsters. We went through my friend's entire litter of hamsters, because our smart-ass cat figured out how to pull the wheel off the habitrain just far enough to grab the little buggers out. Then the wheel would pop back into place and we'd wake up wondering what happened to Mary. The hamsters were always named Mary, regardless of gender, and they were all mine. The 2nd dog we had, Angel, was mine as well. I was devastated when Duke died, so my parents let me pick out the next dog. She had puppies under my bed, and I told everyone I was a grandma!

  11. I've never had a pet with a cone...but growing up we always had dogs - golden retrievers...but since having kids - I've decided I can't care for dogs and kids...though dogs are way easier - I somedays think I should have chose that route! LOL

    YAY! For your 10k next week!

  12. You seriously won that sweet Felt? Nice!

    Feeling for you on the crown...never had one, but I think "sedation dentistry" would be in play for me!

  13. Can't wait for that cone to be off! Yes always pets growing up. Mickey the cat was 'mine'. So was Boris the cat. Then was pre-cat allergy.
    Good w/your coronation.

  14. I feel you on the poop... we just got a new puppy and I'm up 30 minutes earlier in the morning to make sure he does his business. If this is anything like having a kid I may take the batteries out of my biological clock...

  15. I ran the Dirty Dash last year and it was SO fun. There is something really great about having an excuse to play in the mud. Have fun!

  16. I made it through my first mud run and lived to tell about it!! http://gymclassdropout.blogspot.com/2011/05/mud-run-report.html

    Thank you for the inspiration to go for it!

  17. Bike seats = ow! We had all sorts of pets when I was little, but I had a cat that was "mine".

  18. wait wait wait.... you WON a F'ing bike!?!? YOu can't post about that and then post about your giveaway. Yours is awesome, but...common... A BIKE!?!?