Friday, May 6, 2011

Fess Up Friday: Harry and the Hendersons

I have two major confessions this week:

1. I signed up for the Revlon 5k a few months ago, when a friend I hadn't seen in ages said she was going to do it. She forgot to sign up, and scheduled other things for this weekend. You guys, I have never ran a race on my own. Ever. I have always had people with me.

If I go, I don't have a pace I'm matching. I haven't ran a 5k at my best in a long, long time. I'm afraid.

And, I don't like doing things out and about alone. My alone time is spent putting around my house, not watching everyone else be social. I'm about 50% sure I'm going to just not show up. We'll see.

2. If I do go, I'm debating what to wear. Not because I'm vain (I am, sometimes, and very very not other times), but because my leg hair is currently so long I could brush my teeth with it. And it's been hot. So, if I want to wear shorts, for the sake of everyone else involved, I'd need to shave my legs. And that sounds like a lot of work.

I mean, I will eventually, if I ever want to wear a skirt again. But tonight? Bah.

3. Oh, I'd have to get up at like 6am for the race. The money already went to a good cause. Me showing up to run it will only benefit me. I can run a 5k anywhere. And I'm already supposed to run 11 miles this weekend. Because apparently I'm doing a half marathon next weekend? Whoops.

I guess that should be a whole other confession.

I really don't want to go to the race tomorrow.

And hey, I hit all my distance running goals. I'm on vacation from Running Goals. It's all about having The Fun.

So, yeah, eff that. If I'm not going to enjoy it, why should I do it?

That's going to be my running motto for a while. At least until June.

After Camp Pendleton I should probably sit down with myself and come up with a TIME goal for a few different races. Because fast can be fun.

But yeah, eff this race. It's supposed to be HUGE, too. Ug. That sounds awesome.

I feel better already. BOOM.

I guess confessing really does work.

I still need to shave my legs at some point. Theoretically. Muhuhahahhahahha.

Wow, this post was long, without much pay off.


  1. I always thought it was "puttering" . . .

  2. You know you need to do it right? Need. To.

  3. wow, that article blurb is amazing! and you should probably do that race.

  4. You should absolutely go do that race! You'll be done in a flash and then get to feel kinda superior all you any food you eat all day is rationalized by the race you did in the morning and that is a ton of fun.

  5. Ummm... I have run across this dilemma before. Just go. And with no one watching, you can take walk breaks, take photos, and seriously just have a good time all by your lonesome. You will be home in an hour, even if you go super duper slow, and can go back to bed.

  6. I think you should do it too, I bet you are crazy enough to find a new friend within the first 5 minutes of being there! And if they turn out to be rubbish you can ditch them and move on!

  7. I would just go to the race. The last 2 out of 3 i have run alone....I kinda of like it - but that could be because I am slow and I don't ahve to worry about holding anyone else back.

  8. When else are you going to be able to creep out random people if not going to a race by yourself?

    Actually, I've had almost all of my best races going solo with no one cheering for me. Mostly, it was because I wasn't nervous and was able to poo.

  9. Honestly, I've run about half my races alone, as in no one going with me. I run them all alone in the sense that I won't stay with someone during the course. I like it- it gives me time to think. The worst part is driving yourself home, but you should be okay after a 5k.

  10. A wise woman, who poops in trees and walks on (runs in) water once said ... "Shut Up and Run"

    Seems profoundly appropriate here. Get out there and run the race.

  11. I think you should go and give it everything you got, just to see what it is you got. You can make time goals and other running goals based on the results.

  12. Oh, just do it already. With or without shaving...

    This response brought to you by beer. Lots of beer.

  13. You should definitely go and just bust it out! Girl do it for yourself and your friend!

  14. Everybody's going to be running too hard and trying not to die to notice your hairy legs, so just go do it. I run all my races solo as I don't know anyone in this area (too sad I know).

  15. On a completely unrelated topic, I found another of Allie's posts on

  16. Don't bother shaving your legs. My shower is approx. 2.4 square feet, so I gave up shaving my legs more often that once every two months. No one notices. Ever.

  17. I'm stalking you, in the hopes you appreciate that I found Allie on TheGloss.

    Hope you raced, and that you rocked it!

  18. Please go shave your legs now if you haven't already. I'm all itchy just thinking about it!

    .... People always comment on my knee socks when I wear them. Obviously they don't realize that most of the time I wear them because I want to wear a skirt, but have no desire to shave my legs that day.