Saturday, April 2, 2011

First Run Post-Ultra, Plus Jillian Michaels GOSSIP

Yesterday (Friday) after work, I dragged Sky out to my favorite trail run, for an easy 5 mile loop.

The rules, as my body is still recovering, were simple: any leg pain at all means walk. Since I've been having hip pain, I wanted to keep myself from getting seriously injured.

It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny. Sky claimed we were doing a muscle flex pose, but backed down at the last minute to mock me. Bastard.

The scenery is why this trail is my favorite. Well, that, it's a loop, and it has a KILLER hill, right in the middle, making for a rocking workout.

It was at least 10 degrees cooler when we were in the shade of the hills, which felt amazing. LA has been pretty warm this week.

We walked the hill, because my hip was bothering me. We were rewarded with a pretty view at the top.

The heat and the workout were turning Sky into a sweat machine.

I was not sweating nearly as much. =(


I know, I know, you're looking for the Jillian gossip, right?

Okay, so, within the first five minutes of the run we passed a guy with a walking stick.

About ten minutes from the end, we caught up with him. He was surprised as we passed him, since he had been walking the whole time, and we had been jogging. I explained that there are two loops (There's also a three mile loop), and told him how to take the longer loop.

He thanked us and introduced himself as Robert Margolin, the man who taught Jillian Michaels martial arts.


I asked him if he was the guy she tells the Doritos story about, and how it changed her life. He laughed and said the real story is, he asked her to eat her junk food outside so he wouldn't get ants in the studio. He said that most of what she talks about when it comes to her past is embellished at best, and flat out lies at worst.

According to him:
-Jillian was never more than 20 pounds overweight
-He never told her that junk food was killing her and she couldn't train with him until she quit eating crap and devoted herself to martial arts
-She two of her book titles/concepts from things he taught her
-He specifically warned her about the kind of combinations of stuff she ended up putting in her creepy diet pills

Apparently he talked to TMZ about it all recently, and the Doctors show wanted him to go on and surprise her or something, but Jillian found out and prevented it? And she refuses to return his calls?

Everything with a grain of salt and all that, but, he gave me his card, and I looked him up, so, at the very least I got to meet the guy who made Jillian Michaels who she is.

He was very defensive about the recent articles about her not being a real trainer and stuff. You could tell he was very proud of her. He mentioned acting like a father figure.

He was a really cool guy beyond the Jillian stuff, and it was nice to meet him.

Talking to him meant I had to wait until I was in my car to show off my sweat stains.


I'm applying these 5 miles to the Happy Runner Virtual Half Marathon, so:

5 miles. 75 minutes. Hey, I walked a lot, okay?


How do you feel about Jillian Michaels? Do you think she's amazing? Do you think she's awful? Would you do well training under her?


  1. i like her. sometimes she can be annoying on BL but otherwise, i'd love for her to whoop my butt in a workout! i've always assumed stuff on tv / in celebrities lives is exaggerated, and i'm def against her pills... but i think she's a great trainer.

  2. I have never, ever, ever seen her ever. So I am not qualified to give an opinion. I think I am the only one.

  3. I know this will be unpopular, but she seems awful. I have trouble taking someone who peddles diet pills seriously about health.

    Sounds like a fun day, though!

  4. That run looks awesome. I am a total Jillian fan as a trainer. I would love for her to come kick my ass into shape. But I don't love her commercialness or the creepy pills.

  5. Runningonwords I absolutely agree with you so you are not alone!

    I get why she is appealing, I really do but after having tried a few of her DVDs that I really feel are effective I just think she is CREEPY to the MAX! I could do the DVDs if she wasn't in them. She is just not what I like but she works and is inspirational to so many people but not to me lol

  6. Tbh I don't know that much about JM. I've never seen her on TV or done 30 day shred or anything. I just get my info second hand! I do know she has great shoulders though!

    Beautiful run though. And great job taking things easy. I was a moron and ket going out too hard when I was injured, and just made it worse. You are way more sensible that me! (Wow, that felt weird to say to an ultra-runner!)

  7. I think she's a little crazy, honestly. I've always been a bigger fan of Bob. She just so dramatic!

  8. She can be in your face bitchy. I did like her on the BL UNTIL she started pimping all that diet crap drugs. Then I lost it. Though everyone tells me the 30 day Shred can't be beat. So I don't know why she pimps all that stupid stuff when she was doing ok the other way.

  9. I have her Total Body Makeover and 30 Day Shred DVD's. They both kick my butt. I don't know if she is full of crap or not, but I know her workouts are for real.

  10. Hahaha I love the gossip!

    I have never watched her or worked out with her -- but I think she is a total bitch. I heard her on Adam Carolla's radio show and lost all respect for her immediately. She just left a bad taste in my mouth.

    But I love Adam! He's the bees knees!

  11. I totally looked up to her crazy ass until she started with the diet pills.

    I thought she was all about exercise and a healthy diet to lose weight... so when she sold out, I lost a shred of respect for her (pun intended)

  12. I've been to a vineyard where the bachelor was filmed. I guess they said that it was a bunch of SUPER staged stuff too.

  13. I first saw her powder products at a convention in the fall of 2009. I was surprized that JM would flog a product that didn't offer anything other than hope. The marketer at that stall indicated that this was the JM brand entrance into the walmart crowd. Hmnnn.
    I have read her book, Unlimited, and found it to be one of the best self-help books on the market today.

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  15. Rob Margolin also claims he wrote The Green Lantern, used to write comics and worked on Lord of the rings,and Chuck Norris' body guard called him from his deathbed, in his final moments to congratulate him on his screen play:

    That BlackBelt Magazine listed him as the number one martial artist in the world with edged weapons and that he is a Grandmaster, yet never says at what:

    He has also told me that he holds: 'world martila arts record including a nine foot in the air jump spinning back kick'

    and that he: 'spent almost 2 years in a body brace with a broken back'

    And this blog was the only thing that Google came up with on him.

    "TheRobMargolin has posted a comment on your profile:

    Hi well proof huh??check out Jillians book Master your Metabolism...she writes three pages about martila arts record including a nine foot in the air jump spinning back kick is going to be posted this week...not bad for someone who spent almost 2 years in a body brace with a broken back and as for GREEN LANTERN I wish to God it was not true ,,,but Kerry o quinn did take a 600 thousand dollar option from Joel Silver for a script I wrote,,,that would have helped my father;s brave battle with me and talk BTW Billy Blanks hit on my Girlfriend while his wife was in the same store...petco///I tell my student's that what you take from this world is your word I speak the old to bullshit"

    I'm not saying he's full of shit*, I'm just showing you a few more of his clams.

    *I am. He's full of shit.

    1. I'm starting to wonder. A story is a beautiful thing; but without facts, documentation or any viable and certifiable way to PROVE it, he's just becoming a narcissistic man who evidently gets 'screwed' by everyone. Classic victim. Prove it. Move it. Get it back. End. Of. Story. I see nothing remotely close to anything but an entertaining tale of woe /\

  16. I believe in life there is the truth, the lies, and then somewhere in between when you have a he said she said account of folks relationships.

    Recently, the Doctor's show let Jillian go. Now, if you look at what this guy Rob has stated in writing or in video, it adds up to favor him.

    Here is a pattern:

    1. Jillian leaves Biggest Loser
    2. She endorses detox or diet pill stuff
    3. Here credentials are questioned in LA Times and she doesn't have a top level degree or top level certs like NASM, ACSM, or NSCA.
    4. Some lawsuits are filed against her the company that makes the diet or supplement products she is's in the video Rob talks about which made him upset
    5. She joins Doctor's in September 2011
    6. She is let go January 2012

    So, when you add it all up, you can't deny that there are some questionable things and character involved with Jillian and more time in 2012, I believe more bad or crazy things will come to the surface about her and her past.

    So, like the old saying goes, time will only tell.