Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dallas Part One A: The Clean Version

Thursday evening, after a half day of work, the husband and I packed up our gear, and headed out to the airport.

We were off to spend a long weekend with one of my favorite people on the planet, Sara.

Yes, I own a yeti hat. Doesn't she look fantastic in it?

Sara met us at the airport with this sign:

r0x0r is the portmanteau my husband and I use.

Straight from the airport, she and her husband took us to Whataburger, which I remembered fondly from my only previous adventure in Texas, 8 years ago.

Of course, I got chicken strips with gravy. It's Whataburger. That's what you do.

As soon as we got to their house I introduced myself to their cats.


and Tang:

The next morning we hit up the thrift store to find supplies for the mud run.

Sara and I found matching purity t-shirt. Too bad they're over 10 years too late to save us.

We found wonderful mud outfits. Then, it was TEXAS BBQ TIME!

My plate of awesome.

If sweet tea were easily available in Los Angeles I'd weigh an extra 200lbs. That stuff is CRACK.

Next up was the dollar store, to buy supplies for a top secret project. And fool around.

I am quite a catch. nyuk nyuk.

The husband had found a silly board game at the thrift store, so we spent the rest of the afternoon playing.

At one point the husbands laughed so hard they cried. That's how you know you have good friends.

Dinner was TexMex. Because we were in Texas. It was DELICIOUS.

The next morning we walked to a diner around the corner for breakfast. The husbands matched. Not on purpose. Or so they say.

Looking over the menu.

Mugging for the camera.

I ordered grits and a biscuit, since, hey, when in Texas, right? My biscuit came with GRAVY. I love you Texas.

After that we....

Oh man, this is too long already.



  1. What was the board game called? I love Boardgames!! :)

  2. What a fun trip (at least the part we saw. I could all go downhill in Part B, I suppose...)
    Food looks awesome! Exactly what comes to mind when i think "Texas"

  3. OMG I love eating in TEXAS!

    I'm drooling right now... too bad lunchtime in the islands is about 2 hours away!

  4. I'm having so much fun on the trip already!

    The dollar store always has so much potential for fun with the right people. You are clearly the right people!

    Can I have your shoulders?

  5. I need the Yeti hat in my life asap!!!

  6. I love the food in Texas and when I lived there you could tell I loved the food of Texas!

  7. They are opening one of those Dickey's BBQ places in my town in a few weeks! I wanna try it out now.

    The tex-mex looks amazing!

    Love the purity shirts! Reminds me of when my date and I found matching Angola prison rodeo shirts at the goodwill for Sadie Hawkins!

  8. yay for all of the food photos! lol!

  9. Hmmm...I think I gained 10lbs looking at all the food!

  10. Texas food=the best food. (I'm a little biased)

    By the way, I mentioned you on my blog today!

  11. Almost felt like I was in Texas too! Yum-tastic!

  12. that hat rocks my face off. Seriously. And don't get me started with words with extra X's in them.

  13. Mmmmmm. Grits. You know, sweet tea is available at all Chikfila restaurants. Even the ones in Southern California. And you can buy it by the gallon to take home with you. Not that I've ever done that....