Thursday, March 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday: The Mostly Pictures Edition

1. This was my lunch yesterday, thank you Costco Food Court:

2. The latest issue of Shape came in the mail for me Tuesday. The first bit of news I wanted to share is awesome, and with the exception of last week's death cold thing, it's very true for me.

The second thing I wanted to share was just hard to look at. I know the picture looks blurry, but it's only half my camera's fault. They printed it weird and blurry. And what the heck is she WEARING? Do any of you ladies wear your underwear on the outside when you run? Do you wear underwear at all when you run? (I don't).

3. My mom is coming to town tonight! I am very excited. My mom is awesome, and hilarious, and so much fun.

This picture is six years old, but it's still one of the favorite pictures of the two of us. It was Thanksgiving Day, and we were in the Mall of America, killing time before sitting down at one of those terrible themed restaurants. We had just buried my grandmother. It was the oddest Thanksgiving I have ever had. But, my mom and I had fun that day at the mall.


  1. Um, are you and your mom twins?? How cute!!

    P.S. I'M BACK!!!!!

  2. I love my Shape magazines! lol and I love your costco hot dog! That is so funny!

  3. My mom and I do look very much alike. But, I also take after my dad a lot, too, it's weird. But, yeah, my mom's hot.

    Welcome back FruitFly!!!! Now post a full recap!!

  4. I will tonight I think! I want to upload some photos so I can have a couple in it.

    This got me even more excited for Disneyland! I might even work on having more of a "costume", but who knows!

  5. freaking

    So do they look at you weird when you say NO BUN too? Or do you just ditch it?!

  6. Hang on... Why would anyone wear their underwear on the outside? WTF? That makes no sense to me at ALL but it is funny! I can picture myself out runnin' in my town, running tights on, old, ratty undies over them. HOTTTT.

  7. WTF, underwear on the outside? Maybe she's a superhero?

    I really, really need to try Costco. There is one around here and I still haven't been.

  8. hahaha good three things. you look JUST like your mom.

  9. What? What did you say? I didn't get past the chick in her bra.

    Sourcrought is disgusting.

  10. I just drooled a little bit looking at your hot dog.

  11. no hot dog bun?!? that's almost as bad as getting a lettuce wrapped burger at In N Out. I live for carbs. LOL

  12.'d they get that picture of me in that magazine??

    no seiously, i just found your blog and having a great time scrolling through your posts! i'm thinking Australia needs a Costco, stat! :)

  13. That lunch is pretty unacceptable!!

    Have a good time with your mum :)