Sunday, March 13, 2011

Functional Cardio: Weekend Sweat

I went for a run on Saturday, but I needed to do a different type of cardio today, in the form of planting the fruit trees I bought.

They're small now, but in a few years we'll have avocados, tangerines, oranges, and apples.

It was a very satisfying way to get my sweat on.

There was lots of jumping on the shovel, so hey, cardio!

And lifting shovels full of dirt, so hey, strength training!

It felt excellent to get outside and get my hands (okay, clearly, my ARMS) dirty. Even if I possibly ruined my shoes. Whoops. It was either my running shoes or my converse, and hey, my running shoes cost like 5 times as much. I'll be doing more strength training in the form of scrubbing my shoes in the sink in just a bit.

(note: I'm NOT an Angels fan. It was the only hat we had that I wasn't afraid to get dirty. We're Padres people here)

You can see that the whole stomach area of my shirt is drenched in sweat. It was also rolling down the back of my neck. So satisfying.

The internet says that shoveling burns 400 calories an hour. SCORE! Maybe I should dig up the rest of the yard! Not really, but we do plan on buying more fruit trees, plus some shrubs, so there will be more hole digging in my future.

I wonder if Shia is willing to come help me out?


Have you done any functional exercise lately?


  1. nope, not lately but I must say that you got a fellow Padres fan right here!!

    I was a college intern at this law firm in San Diego and they would give out tickets for FREE to Petco Park.... Seriously most amazing summer of my life!

    And this post instantly made me think of Farmville, that game on Facebook that sucks in a lot of folks? Except in real life. And WAY more satisfying!

    Go girl!

  2. I really should be doing functional exercise in the form of packing and moving boxes, but I really haven't gotten started yet.

    That's so cool that you have fruit trees! I don't think we could have anything good here since it snows and gets very cold in the winter.

    My friend is also on the slow carb diet. She says it is amazing, but it sounds like she is losing weight a little too fast.

  3. I have not done much function excercise, but once summer hits here in MI, I know I will! Nothing like getting your sweat on, and being productive!

  4. Does walking to school count?! Or riding my bike to work since I missed the bus last week!? Haha

  5. i miss shia. i need to see more of him.

    if i told you how jealous i was of your weather... well, it'd just be vulgar.

  6. Let's seeing we have a couple inches of snow here today, so no planting for me yet. It makes me look forward to the Spring anymore to see you out there planting!

  7. Not lately, but this summer we have to build our back deck, plant trees (in SUPER ROCKY ground), & dig up our garden so we can plant this year. I'm tired already!

  8. functional???? just cleaning... but that is about it :)