Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Diet, Thus Far

So, yesterday was my first full day on Diet Mode.

I'm going to admit something: I function very well on crazy diets. I have two modes: "I can eat it," and "I can't eat it." In can-eat mode I have trouble with moderation. Because hey, I'm already thin, I'm active, I'm healthy. I can eat a whole bag of salted almonds, right? Or have four candy bars for lunch. In can't-eat mode I just can't eat it. Easy as pie. I bought a whole bunch of goodies for the office yesterday, in celebration of Chocolate Day, and walked by them every time I went to the bathroom (which was a LOT. I drink a LOT of water at work). And I was not tempted. I did not have to exert much will power at all. Because they weren't in the plan.

Instead I ate:
2 chicken breasts
giant mound of broccoli
bowl of mexican chili I made (ground chicken, corn, black beans, jalapenos, tomatillos, and lads of cumin)
a few slices of pork tenderloin
handful of raw almonds
pile of wilted spinach and mushrooms

I adapt very well in restrictive conditions. But, it's only been one day.

I slept for 10.5 hours last night. I went to bed early to read and, well, didn't last very long. I guess my body needed it. I had a dream that I was on The Biggest Loser, and was terrified of getting voted off, since I didn't have any more weight to lose.


I'm excited about tonight's Bachelor Workout. I heard a rumor that I'm in for an ass kicking. Bring it on, Brad (and weeping ladies). Bring. It. On.


  1. 10.5 hours would be a dream come true....sounds like you needed it though! I look forward to seeing how your diet turns out, stay strong girl!!!

  2. I have been trying to get more sleep. I think I am really needing it lately! Enjoy your workout tonight! Sounds like it's gonna be a killer!

  3. so jealous of your 10.5 hours. I would LOVE to get that!
    You ARE in for a workout tonight. YIKES.

  4. The key to getting that much sleep is to go to bed way early AND wake up a little bit late. But damn do I feel GOOD today.

  5. SO MUCH SLEEP...that makes me very very happy for you!! You are a rockstar and I WISH I had your self-discipline. Seriously, you are amazing. I pee like 45 times a day too ha! Enjoy the bachelor workout, you are so cute!

  6. Can eat-can't eat, that works for me as well, but I'm not skinny and I could probably win Biggest Loser (well, not the weight-based one).

  7. hahahah! You and your Bachelor workout! Looking forward to teh pics!

    I'm impressed with your discipline! Please share!

  8. Hubba hubba! (That's at the Bachelor)

    Funny you say that about eat-it, can't eat it mode. I've been like since the vegan switch. I thought I'd get tempted by stuff, but it's just not been an issue. Not even when ordering in pizza drunk at 2 in the morning. No problemo: I'll just check the no cheese option thanks!

    My problem with this kind of diet though is that it sucks all the joy out of me. It's *variety* that I need, and not even being able to eat fruit would kill me after a few days. I guess maybe the vegan restriction is enough for my willpower already..

    Really interested to see how you get on though :)

  9. I think I work well in this kind of diet only because I don't keep it very long. Plus, my standard diet doesn't have much "white devil" food in it anyway, so it's not a HUGE leap.

  10. I'm also trying out this diet called, "let's-see- how-long-you'll-last-without-eating-red-meat diet. Haha! so far so good. one week of no red meat. =)

  11. Last night we were watching the Bachelor and my nine year old daughter (yeah, go ahead call social services) said, "Brad has man boobs." There was one shot where he really did, you know? You know? You know?

    I am on a chocolate and wine diet and I like it. It's perfect for marathon training and hip recovery, you know?

  12. Rose, really? Now you are getting all chicky on me? My 16 year old daughter watches the Bachelor. As The Manly Runner I obviously do not :-)

  13. hahaha! love your post and ahhh to the bachelor! sooo crazy!! i may do a chocolate diet and see how that goes :) love your blog girl! so fab just like you!

  14. Rose. Your last post was 21 hours ago. I NEED INTERACTION.

    Not girl interaction- that's for The Bachelor DUH.